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However, the Youtuber career is slightly different from other careers. Most people who want to turn themselves to work in this profession may start with other factors than making money, such as the enjoyment of making videos. Likes to joke with friends, etc. However, it is good to do what you love. But starting a career as a Youtuber wasn’t easy. Sykkuno struggles very much to become a YouTuber. So this article here is a few tips for novice YouTubers, how to make your channel more popular.

Set the goal of the list.

Before starting as a YouTube, you need to define the goals of the list you will create. That you want the list to come out in what format? What content do you mainly present? It is recommended that you structure your list well. Because this will determine the direction of your channel. Sykkuno makes a funny video, and he is fixed with his goal.

Presenting straightforward content but can’t stop watching

Most of the time, sykkuno shows it’s usually a unique item. It offers a story that is new and unique but must be based on an easy-to-understand basis. Watching every day is even better because YouTube is a platform that has a broad audience. Starting from children to working-age groups

Do what you love and be yourself.

To make your YouTube list more well-known, you’ll need to choose the content you’re good at. And it’s fun doing it. The more you enjoy making content lists, the more. You’ll be able to do it for longer without getting bored at all. The main factor is creating content like sykkuno that you like. And keep practicing, and your content will attract people who want the same content as you.

Don’t just look at the money.

Although a career Youtuber can make good money once it’s known. But creating content to hope for sponsors to come in. or just making money will make your content boring, and audiences in this day and age will be aware of the news quickly. If you misrepresent your content from the intended concept, you would like to say that be careful; viewers will flee from your YouTube channel to watch your competitors instead.

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