Steps buying apartments remotely in Turkey in 2022 with the licensed real estate agency Tolerance Homes

Buying real estate and property for sale remotely in Turkey has become a convenient and highly sought-after option, which makes selling a property remotely from anywhere in the world easy. It is simply perfect for those new buyers from abroad who have little time to immerse themselves in the property searching fully and arranging for the acquisition of the property.

The convenience of buying property online is caused by the simple reason that a foreigner is not required to be in Turkey while the process is ongoing – it is enough to come at the time when the stage of handing over the keys to the property is actually underway

The remote method of buying is based on a notarized Power of Attorney. The online option consists of the search of the property according to the specifications provided by the potential property owners and the formalisation of the TAPU – the ownership right to the property that is being bought.

From the beginning to the end of the entire process of finding and buying a property in Turkey, you will have our experts on hand to guide you remotely through the entire process. At all stages of the deal, one of our experts will accompany your purchase from a distance. Even though your presence is not obligatory, you can resolve any issues via power of attorney remotely.

The following steps are should be followed to buy a property in Turkey online.


Tolerance Homes will help you in finding your dream home in Turkey!

First, you have to find a property from the available offers, by using the list of available properties. You should decide which location you want to choose from and then find the right house for that purpose. In addition to pictures, you can also see how the properties and communal areas are presented from a video demonstration. With a video presentation service, you have the opportunity to examine the property in all its details and find out how well the property has been refurbished, as well as the beautiful view from the window, and much more. The client can schedule a suitable appointment for the demonstration, as well as choose a streaming method – instant messenger or a video call service.

It is recommended that you sign up for several online viewings during the selection process – many things are better learned by comparison.


We can carry out a large part of the processing by ourselves, by acting on your behalf on the basis of a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney will save you both time and money as there will be no need to visit Turkey over and over again. The Power of Attorney must be properly translated into Turkish and approved by a notary.


During the property ownership deeds process, the lawyer will make sure that the deal is in compliance with all legal regulations, verifying all the relevant documents and matters involved.

The team of lawyers will examine the property’s legal status and will supervise every single step in the process, checking the legitimacy of the documents in order to guarantee the clients’ safety when buying a property in Turkey.

The following will be checked:

TAPU – Certificate of Ownership. It contains detailed information about the property, property cost, and its previous owners, it has a stamp and signature. With this document, we will make sure that the seller is the true owner of the property.

Any debts – We will check and submit documentation that there are no utility bills or taxes still owed.


In Turkey getting a tax number is pretty straightforward. Nowadays, non-residents may apply for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) on the Turkish Tax Administration’s website.

All you need to obtain a TIN is a valid passport.

The TIN number is issued in 15 minutes. On the day the TIN is issued, the number will be immediately distributed through the banking system within the country.


Generally, once the property has been chosen, a closing deal and agreement is signed between the seller and the buyer. All the details of the property, the seller and the buyer, the parties’ responsibilities as well as the details of the payments are introduced into this agreement. All you need is a valid passport for the conclusion of the property purchase agreement.

This document must be provided in two copies and must be in the two languages, the Turkish language and the buyer’s native language.

Then, the buyer must pay the security deposit to book the property. The sum of the deposit is typically 5-10% of the cost of the property. Note: if the client has changed his/her mind about the purchase, the amount is not refunded. If the deal is rejected by the seller, under the agreement the seller will have to pay the buyer a contractual penalty in the amount of the two deposits.

However, in order to become a rightful owner of the purchased property and to get the TAPU, you need to issue and send the relevant power of attorney under the name of your representatives. If you buy a property online, then you would not need to be personally present at the property deal.

Nowadays, Turkey has a system for obtaining title to a property. That means that the Cadastral Office (the government authority in charge of registering real estate deals) takes care of all the formalities connected with the TAPU. According to Turkish legislation, TAPU is known for its quick and straightforward implementation; all deals are transparent and are under strict government control.


The most common payment options are in Lira, US Dollars and Euros.

In most cases, the payment can be made by bank transfers. In order to be able to process a payment for a property from the EU, the Turkish bank may request documents to prove the purpose of the payment ( sales agreement). However, if you have a current Turkish account, the payment process will be much easier.


Both the seller and the buyer (or their representative acting on the basis of a notarized power of attorney) will go to the Cadastral Office. The TAPU, the ownership of property in the country, will be transferred.

Following the deal, the TAPU is transferred to the new owner.

The document must be included:

  • the registered address of the property;
  • details of the property registration at the Land Registry Office;
  • the status of the property (information from the Cadastral Office);
  • the size of the area of the property;
  • type of property;
  • cost of the property;
  • information on former owners;
  • information on the new owner;
  • purchase by the previous owner;
  • TAPU data of the previous owner ( a new number is given if there is a change in ownership)
  • the data on the registration of the TAPU document;
  • the date of the sale to the current owner;
  • the stamp of the Cadastral Office and the signature of an authorized person.

By the time the TAPU is received, the payment for the property must be made in the full amount.

The TAPU will be issued within five business days.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand the buying procedure for a property in Turkey. There is plenty of information, although don’t be frightened. We will assist you in every step and explain all the routines so you will not feel stressed. ToleranceHomes is a licenced real estate agency leading in the property market of Turkey for 20 years and is staffed by English-speaking professionals so that every moment of the deal will be fully comprehensible to you.

You can start searching for a property for sale and buy in Turkey right now – it’s all available online on our website! Do not hesitate with your dream house today!

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