Six reasons why pioneer pressure washer is worth your money

At times you have money but wondered what to do with it. Or possibly you have dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur but failed to know where to invest. Pioneer pressure washers can turn your dreams into a reality. You wonder how? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider it.

For any potential investor wishing to start a car washing business must have a washing machine in mind. Sometimes it is tiresome identifying the best one since there are a lot of them in the market. No need to worry. Key features to help you evaluate the one to buy is: Price, its efficiency, power consumption among others. But pioneer pressure washer has what you need and has made things customer friendly in terms of:


Various brands are available in the market each of them differentiated from the other by price or any other feature like pressure achieved. Pioneer pressure washer price in Kenya is pocket friendly to customers. That is why it is available in different sizes. The choice of what to buy is solely in the hands of the investor, his budget and the nature of his business, that is, how large it is.

Nature of the engine

It is true that efficiency of a machine is determined by its engine. This brand gives you a powerful engine that is operated by recommendable electric motors. With this, you are in a position to produce whichever pressure needed for your work to run smoothly. One good thing with it is that you do not have to give it time to build up the needed pressure. It is made in such a way that it is self-regulated.

Efficacy of the machine

The ultimate goal of any customer is satisfaction which is derived from the product’s ability to function as they want.  Pioneer pressure washer works perfectly. It has a telescopic handle that makes its user enjoy working with it. Nevertheless, it is self-priming to mean that it can draw water from external sources like water reservoirs and tanks. This ensures that you have water throughout and you cannot miss customers for lack of water.

Availability of two variants

Have you ever asked yourself what can happen if there is a shortage of power supply for say two days? Will you close down your business because of a power problem? Or suppose you want to start the business in remote areas with no electricity. There are two types of these pressure washers, that is electric powered machine and fuel powered machine. This also explains why Pioneer pressure washer price in Kenya varies. Just as mentioned earlier, it depends on the type you are buying. You can have either of them depending on the location of your business. What to smile about actually is that the fuel powered machine has engines that economizes fuel consumption.

Here is a glimpse of how the machine looks like.


With this product you can start your business regardless of where you are. It is convenient and does not need special skills to handle. But most of all, it is convenient and affordable.

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