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Simple Fixes to Sell Your Fixer-Upper Faster

Everyone likes the idea of a fixer-upper, but the reality is that very few people actually want to put in the time and effort it takes to do the fixing up. This can make it challenging to sell a fixer-upper on the open market, especially if the house requires a lot of TLC. While you probably don’t want to invest in fixing the major issues in the house, there are many minor repairs you can make that will help your home photograph better and attract more buyers. Here are a few simple fixes that you can do to sell your fixer-upper faster.

Repaint Some Rooms

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, both inside and outside your home. Repaint at least a few rooms in your home with a warm, neutral color. If the trim looks beat up, repaint those with a crisp, clean white. This will make the room look fresh and new, and it will photograph exceptionally well. If the outside of your home looks a bit worse for wear, consider a new coat of exterior paint as well. Even simply repainting your shutters and your front door can help improve curb appeal.

Spruce Up the Yard

Speaking of curb appeal, you should look for ways to make the front of the home more inviting. A welcoming fa├žade is excellent for bringing potential buyers inside. In addition to repainting, as mentioned above, consider sprucing up the landscaping as well. Pulls weeds, trim trees, and hedges, mow and edge the lawn, and consider putting out some potted flowers on the porch.

Recaulk Where Needed

Recaulking isn’t exactly a fun task, but it can help improve the look of your bathroom’s look. If your caulking is peeling or discolored, strip it all off and put in some fresh, white caulk. This also helps to reseal the edges of your bathtubs and showers so that water doesn’t leak behind them and lead to a mold problem.

Replace Outlet and Switch Covers

The wall plates on your light switches and outlets might seem like a small detail, but they’re in every room of your home. This makes them a good target for a quick home upgrade that will impact. Swapping them out for new switch plates and wall outlet covers can give every room an immediate facelift. Cracked, broken, or discolored plastic plates can age a house instantly.

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