Shopping guidelines: lace front wigs or closure wigs?


Lace wigs are the nobility in wigs. Among lace wigs, different types of lace wigs can be divided according to the type of lace and the area of lace. Today, I will introduce you two of the most representative wigs in lace wigs. They are frontal lace wigs and closure wigs.

What is frontal lace wig

Frontal lace wigs, also known as lace front wigs, is a lace wig with a 13×4 area of lace as the forehead. The lace area of this lace wig covers the ear-to-ear part of your head (your forehead), giving you a natural hairline. The natural hairline is the magic that makes people not aware that you are wearing a wig.

The pros of frontal lace wigs

l  Natural hair line

With the aid of proper glue, the frontal lace will conform to your scalp. This can make the lace front wigs look like they’re growing out of your scalp. Plus, because the frontal lace wigs have an ear-to-ear area of lace, you can part your hair at will. Whether it’s a midpoint or a partial score, lace front wigs can make it easy for you.

l  Breathable

Larger lace area means more breathability. Lace is a very light and breathable material. If you are not allergic to lace, then lace front wigs will definitely bring you a very breathable and comfortable wig experience.

l  Support more styles

More lace area means you can approach your hair from more angles. From a styling standpoint, it’s good for you to experiment with different looks. You can use props such as curling irons or hairpins to make some creative hair styles.

What is closure wigs

In fact, closure wigs refer to lace wigs with an area of 4×4 or 5×5. The lace part of Closure wigs is generally in the middle of the forehead. Therefore, closure wigs generally only provide middle-level functionality. Compared with frontal lace wigs, although closure wigs are less breathable, they are not without advantages.

The pros of closure wigs

l  Price friendly

First, closure wigs will be cheaper than frontal lace wigs. This is based on the high material and production cost of the lace part. For lace wigs, the larger the lace area, the higher the production time and cost. Therefore, the smaller the lace area, the cheaper the lace wig. For many consumers who cannot afford the high price of frontal lace wigs, closure lace wigs will be the perfect substitute.

l  Glueless install

The installation of Frontal lace wigs often requires the aid of glue. For people with glue allergies, lace front wigs are definitely an option that can’t be tried. The closure lace wigs can be installed without the aid of glue. This is undoubtedly the best wig product for people who want to experience lace wigs but hate glue.

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