Shay Benhamou Shares Expert Investing Tips for Everyone

People have been investing their money for earning returns and securing their future for centuries. It is not a new concept, but this doesn’t mean that everyone who invests is able to achieve their goals. Many people end up losing their investment in the long run, or pull it out because they are not making the kind of profits they want. This is mostly because they don’t know what to do. Fortunately, Shay Benhamou has shared some expert investing tips that everyone will find useful. You can check them out below:

Tip 1- Leave your investments alone

After you have made your investment, you should simply throw away your password and leave your account alone. According to Shay Benhamou, the less you do in terms of investment, the more you will earn. If you log into your investment account routinely, you will be tempted to buy and sell when there is a movement in the market and timing the market is never a smart move. The key is to well-diversify your portfolio and leave it be, as this will help you benefit from growth in the long-term.

Tip 2- Distance can provide clarity

One of the most important things that Shay Benhamou has to share with investors is to not look at their investment portfolios frequently. You can end up becoming a slave to price movements because it is very tempting, particularly when it comes to online trading platforms that are easy to use. Short-term movements in price i.e. the volatility of prices fluctuating, can give rise to emotions like greed and fear and this can affect your reasonable investment decisions. When you have some distance from the market you can make better decisions.

Tip 3- Don’t follow the herd

You need to be patient and remain open to opportunities as they come up as Shay Benhamou believes this will keep you from following the herd. FOMO (Fear of Missing out) often causes new investors to get caught in herd mentality and this can be seen in stock and property markets. According to market experts like Shay Benhamou, most people don’t realize that it is not possible for anyone to buy yesterday’s returns. You have to be patient and should do your research because this will give you better returns in the long term.

Tip 4- Don’t think and get started

Investing can seem a tad scary for many, but you need to dive in and get started. As per Shay Benhamou, having some skin in the game will help you learn a little faster. The important thing is to start early and then keep on contributing little by little and watch your wealth grow. You can benefit from the power of compounding when you allow time to do all the heavy lifting.

Tip 5- Diversify to some extent

Every investor needs to diversify their holdings to some extent, but Shay Benhamou also says that you need to avoid excess diversification. This is because it will not help you in reducing the risks if the investments are not correlated closely. Diversification is helpful, but only when you are spreading your holdings right and not overdoing it.

Tip 6- Take your time

One thing that Shay Benhamou wants to share with every investor is that they should learn to take their time. Everyone will make it sound easy for you to be able to make high profits and returns, but this only makes you appear more gullible. Bear in mind that nothing happens overnight and it will take time for you to get where most of the successful investors are.

Tip 7- Play to your strengths

It is important that every investor plays to their strengths. Shay Benhamou says that there is a lot of noise in the financial markets and they tend to be very emotional. Therefore, the best way to navigate them is to focus on the long term. Screen out the sentiment and the noise and concentrate on the facts.

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