rubber cable grommets protect cable management system

Rubber cable grommets are push-in grommets that fit and fill a hole. Most of us get confused when the name of grommets appears in front of us. A grommet is a ring or edge strip tool that is inserted in a hole. The laces of your shoes that pass through the hole have grommets. Similarly the hooks in which your curtain slides consist of grommets. 

Rubber grommets for cables and wires are manufactured from high quality materials. These include thermoplastic rubbers, poly vinyl chloride and Ethylene propylene diene monomer. EPDM is a synthetic polymer widely used in transport and construction industries. 

Types of Cable Grommets

  • Bonded Grommets

Bonded grommets help dissimilar materials with each other like metal and plastic. This helps in eliminating initial steps and creating an overall tight seal. 

  • UL-50 Grommets

The UL-50 grommets is silicone made and is tested under standard conditions and makes it fit for seals and gaskets. 

  • Logo Grommets

Logo grommets are custom made logos according to your requirements. These are CNC machine made and enhance marketing of your company. 

  • Wire Grommets

These grommets act as a flow hinder and sometimes also act as insulators. 

Let’s now talk about miscellaneous things about grommets. A grommet is a circular ring that is inserted into a hole. It is usually covered by a thin material made of wood, plastic and metal.

Sleeved grommets are specially made for wire and cables that provide great support and protection. 

Benefits of Grommets 

The most common benefit of grommets is in the cable management industry. In cable management systems, cables are used to ensure protection of cables and wires. In large offices and complex buildings, cables and wires are required to pass through desks, walls, holes, and other materials. The common practice is to drill holes through desks and walls. The drilling of holes and passing wires through it can be dangerous and cause short circuits. To prevent this issue, we use sleeved grommets to ensure safety and protection of wires. 

Similarly in the vehicle industry, grommets are used to tap seals on engine components and other body parts of cars. If we don’t use grommets, oscillations of the engine could shake wires and cables. 

For attachment to the edges of the panel, Membrane Entry Grommets are best. They are made either of Silicone rubber or nylon. 

It is best for use at an office desk. The mixing and jamming of wires behind your desk is a critical issue. Rubbing of wires at the edges of the desk and compression between two desks can cause horrific damage to the cables.

Advantages of Grommets 

Now the next topic we want to discuss is the advantages of grommets. The advantages of grommets are many but here we discuss a few of them. 

  • Rubber cable grommets are suited for all types of weather conditions.
  • Ultraviolet and infrared rays don’t affect grommets.
  • They don’t crack, dry or wear easily. 
  • They are durable and don’t tear up easily.
  • They are resistant to most concentrated acids like hydrochloric acid and Sulfuric acid.
  • Most grommets sustain extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber grommets can be easily installed because they are one-sided.
  • They are best for use when we have limited or narrow spaces.
  • They are used in different fabrics. In shoes, they are used on holes where shoelaces are inserted.
  • They are used in multiple things to decorate houses. Grommets made of metallic material are used on tops of curtains and curtains pass through them.
  • They are also used in different kinds of furnishers.
  • They are used in the medical industry. They are also used to fit deafness in children by correcting the fluid balance inside the ear.

Choosing the best cable Grommets 

Now let’s talk about different selections of grommets. Grommets are used to protect holes and cover the edges of the hole that will otherwise damage cables. Selecting the best grommet requires physical specifications.

The first factor to consider is connectivity. We all may have faced this problem of how difficult it is to connect your smartphone to the charger when it is below the desk. The solution is a customizable desk grommet that comes with made USB connectivity. 

The next factor to consider is aesthetic look. Black rubber and plastic grommets are best looking and come under cheap pricing. 

The third factor to consider is diameter of grommets. It’s vital to keep in mind all of the sizes and types of cables you have at your home or office.

The last factor to consider is grommet as a grommet only. Don’t get confused that it is a special type of ring present only in inner places. Grommets are all around us and have a lot of applications. 


In this article we discussed rubber cable grommets, types of grommets and how to choose the best cable grommets.

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