Reusable diapers: Health Benefits, Considerations & Options

Parenting is all about the choices we make. All important parenting decisions need to be made, sometimes even before our baby is even born. From what products we get for our baby to the parenting style we want to adopt. We need to decide on all these critical aspects of raising a child.

Going for a disposable diaper or reusable diaper made of cloth for our baby’s diapering journey is also an important decision to be made. In this article, let us understand why and how a reusable diaper is a better choice for any new parent – the health benefits, what to consider before investing in a reusable diaper and what options in a reusable diaper made of cloth are available.

Is a Reusable Diaper Better Than Disposable Diaper

Now we come to the big question! Which diaper to go for. Suddenly you would hear a lot of conscious parents who believe in making mindful and sustainable choices talking about the concept of a reusable diaper. Here are reasons why you would want to consider a cloth diaper or a reusable diaper over disposable ones:

  • A reusable diaper lasts for up to 300 washes and thus suffices the whole diapering journey of your baby.
  • Not just this, if properly maintained, it can be passed on to the next child or any other newborn in the family, thus saving money not just for one child and family but for more!
  • A reusable diaper is cheaper in the longer run. All you need is 16 SuperBottoms UNO, and you are all set for three years of diapering journey without having to invest in any more diapers ever.
  • Disposable diapers are loaded with chemicals to make them extra absorbent. That can cause rashes and are harmful to your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.
  • Moreover, one reusable diaper equals around 300 disposable ones. Thus, it also saves the environment by sending fewer disposable diapers to landfills. It is a well-known fact that disposables take about 400+ years to decompose.
  • Potty training is easier with a reusable diaper stack as compared to disposable diapers.

Health Benefits Of Using A Reusable Diaper

  • A reusable diaper allows far more breathability than a disposable plastic diaper on the bum. If the skin can breathe well, the chances of developing a rash or redness on the diaper area are almost negligible
  • Studies show that even big and famous brands of disposable diapers contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine, latex and phthalates. These can lead to long term skin or reproductive organ issues in babies. Thus, cloth is always better than chemicals!
  • With the reusable diaper arrangement, you have an option to add an extra later to increase the absorbance and hours of diapering. This means that your baby needs to get up just for feed and not for frequent diaper changes, especially during night time. Babies who sleep better can also avoid any development concerns.

Considerations Before Investing In Reusable Diapers

Although cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers in the longer run, they are a considerable initial investment. Thus, it is good to be sure and consider all related points before buying your first stash. Here is what you will need to consider:

  • Passed Down Love – Before you go ahead and buy your own stash, ask the family member and friends with potty-trained kids if they have a pre-loved stash that they are looking to pass down or sell. This will further save you some money and give you the initial confidence with cloth diapers before buying more.
  • Your Laundry Cycle – Your laundry cycle depends on how many reusable diapers you need to purchase. For example, you will need fewer diapers if you have a daily laundry cycle versus more if you wash every alternate or third day.
  • Convenience Of The Caregivers – If your baby would have caregivers apart from parents such as day care staff, grandparents, nappy etc., you will need to tell them and even teach them how to cloth diaper your baby.
  • Choose The Correct Laundry Detergent – Liquid detergents or detergents that contain harmful chemicals, antiseptic liquids and fabric softeners can reduce the life of your cloth diapers. Thus, you will also need to consider the laundry detergent that is diaper friendly.

Options In Reusable Diapers

The adjustable cloth diapers with snap or Velcro system are not the only type of cloth diapers available that you can choose from. But, of course, they are the most popular ones and absorbent to soak several pees and last a few hours. Depending upon what time and for what purpose you are using a diaper, you can choose between these options. For example, if you wish to give your baby some diaper-free time or potty train them, your diapering needs would differ.

  • Adjustable Cloth Diapers With Snaps – These are best for regular diapering, longer hours and night time diapering. These are also the best choice for travels and outings as they can easily absorb the pee for a few hours.
  • Nappies or Langots – These are best suited for the newborn stage. A langot can hold up to one pee and needs changing every time your baby soils it. However, as most langots and nappies have a string to fasten them after a few months, babies start to pull on those, and thus you need a snap system and need to upgrade to UNO.
  • Padded Underwear – Padded underwear has several layers of cloth and can hold up to one pee. They are best for diaper-free playtime for babies and the potty-training phase for accidental pees and poops.

For different phases of your baby’s life, you will need a combination of all these different types of reusable diapers.

To sum it all up, a reusable diaper is a mindful and sustainable choice that is great for your newborn’s sensitive and delicate skin. The fact that it is also easy on the pocket and fits into the budget is an added advantage for new parents. With newborn kids, the expenses are higher, and reusable diapers can come as a blessing in your baby’s life and you!

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