Reliable silicone manufacturers requirements for silicone parts

At present, some rubber parts are used in various industries, and the performance of silicone rubber parts is better than ordinary rubber materials. Although many common gaskets, pads and shock absorbers have been replaced by silicone products, silicone materials also have various quality problems, but what features should you pay attention to when using them?

Features of Custom Silicone Parts

  1. Custom silicone parts are widely used. Wear resistance is very important as many products require 24-hour operation. A good silicone material can generally be used for more than 30,000 hours under load and will not crack or deteriorate in appearance.
  2. Elasticity is the basic principle of using silicone material. Silicone removal rate is over 120%. Therefore, low elasticity and lack of water repellency during use may reflect the quality of silicone rubber products.
  3. High tear resistance is also an important factor for silicone accessories. That is, by checking and testing the degree of cracks in the corners of the product, you can determine whether the service life is normal and whether the tensile force is too large. Silicone accessories manufacturing is a big challenge for silicone manufacturers.

Aging deterioration is observed due to fatigue and various physical properties of the product begin to silicone deterioration due to long-term use. The performance of silicone products such as elasticity, color and shape may deteriorate. Custom silicone parts are also affected.

How to choose a reliable silicone manufacturer?

Various problems in the use of silicone products depend on whether the raw material allocation used by silicone product manufacturers meets the standards, and the cooperation of machinery and personnel in the molding process. Start testing with the above to avoid various unusual usage issues. Silicone manufacturing Businesses must be aware of this.

At present, many natural rubber sealing rings are gradually being replaced by silicone seals, so the requirements for the use of silicone sealing products are also constantly improving. Whether the pressure seal can achieve the effect, weather resistance, safety performance, etc. Ruibo silicone manufacturers make some performance standards for silicone products for the requirements of silicone sealing products. Custom silicone parts are also a typical example.

What are the quality standards for silicone parts?

  1. It has a longer service life in harsh environments and is not affected by the weather for a long time – rain, snow, humidity, ozone, solar ultraviolet (UV); organic elastomers may be exposed to the environment for a long time. will become brittle.
  2. Wider operating temperature range – from -100oC to 316oC (-148 to 600oF); organic elastomers will soften and irreversibly deform when the temperature exceeds 100oC (212oF), and at temperatures below 25oC (-13oF) will become brittle.
  3. When exposed to harsh environmental stress (heat, cold, humidity, oil, ozone, ultraviolet), its inherent good electrical insulation quality will not change significantly.
  4. It can maintain its natural flexibility and elasticity (resistance to compression deformation) in a wide temperature range, improving the comfort and feeling of consumer products.
  5. Good sealing performance.
  6. Inert (tasteless, odorless);
  7. More choices – a wider range of hardness (from Shore A10 to 80), a wider range of color choices (from transparent to bright colors).
  8. Better fluidity–Easy to manufacture and increase productivity.
  9. Silicone manufacturers with strong production capacity.

in conclusion

In general, the quality of the production of custom silicone parts is an important sign to test whether a silicone manufacturer is qualified. Companies that can produce good silicone products need at least a certain amount of silicone parts manufacturing capacity. This is the case for all silicone industries. A fact that no practitioner can deny.

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