Reasons To Hire A Probate Lawyer

Probate is validating a deceased person’s Will. The process allows the executor to gain access and control to the assets and distribute them accordingly. It may sound like an easy job, as they only have to do what is already mentioned. However, a probate procedure is far from straightforward. 

The executor or the personal representative may have additional jobs to pay debts, bills, taxes, and managing beneficiaries. Understanding probate can be difficult without a San Antonio Probate Lawyer. Hiring an attorney can eliminate errors and reduce the processing time. 

Reasons to hire a probate lawyer

  • Avoid family conflict.

Family conflicts arise very commonly during probating an estate. The close associates of the deceased may want to be included in the process but the involvement of anyone other than the personal representative and the attorney can result in a disaster. 

Having a lawyer can help carry things out smoothly and provide clarity in areas that would be otherwise difficult to understand. 

  • They have experience. 

An average person has no reason to learn the laws regarding a probate process. However, if you are the executor, you will be held accountable for not being familiar with these laws. You must have the skills, knowledge, and resources to carry out the process smoothly. If you are unable to do that, it will result in a confusing situation. Seeking help from probate lawyers can help you as this is what they do on a daily basis. 

  • Access the estate faster. 

After the deceased’s passing, accessing the estate can take several months, if not a year. A probate is a lengthy process and can take years to resolve. However, an attorney can speed things up. 

  • Avoid claims against the estate. 

When a spouse or a close relative is not mentioned in the estate plan but feels as though they should be, they will try to make claims against the estate. Such claims may also arise if a beneficiary feels that the assets are not being distributed fairly. When a lawyer is involved in the distribution process, no one can raise the argument of a personal gain that a family member may have. 

  • Avoid mistakes. 

If you are a first-time executor, you are bound to make mistakes during the probate. Under or overvaluing assets, missing assets, miscalculating taxes, failing to notify beneficiaries, etc., are a few common mistakes that even experienced executors can make. Such mistakes can make an already lengthy process even lengthier and costlier. An attorney can help you avoid them. 


Just because you think you can do the job of an executor does not mean you should take the risk. Probate is not a simple and straightforward process. Instead of running into obstacles, hiring professional help will make the process move smoother and faster. 

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