Prospects for The Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a self-learning algorithm capable to perform a certain range of tasks. But what distinguishes artificial intelligence from an algorithm? An algorithm with a given set of initial data will always show an identical result. But AI will not. Because in the learning process, it can distinguish good results from bad ones. We can check and justify the result of the algorithm, but the result of the work we can’t. This is a fundamental limitation of AI, which could be a fundamental possibility.

Why the restriction? Because the AI work’s result is unpredictable. We cannot say in advance how it will behave in a given situation. The same is about a person: who knows due to what point he or she will make a decision. There is an example of the most famous behavior of the algorithm. It can recall the landing of a spacecraft in automatic mode, when it decides to optimize the landing’s trajectory due to the weather conditions.

Why opportunity? The basis of AI is to move from a rigid algorithm to “humanity”. In other words, to make decisions based not only on a program, but also on experience. AI is not dominated by “if-then” in the classical sense. Accordingly, it can become above the algorithm, with all the ensuing consequences.

Application Issues

Where is artificial intelligence applied? Almost everywhere where there is a need to “do better than a person” and “do not get tired.” A simple example of these is “smart assistants”, chatbots automated support services. At their core, AI is working quite successfully. A talk? Please. Subscribe to the chat? It’s also possible. Make a request? No problem. Today, such a service is available in almost every online store, online live casino or gaming platform.

At the same time, if earlier such programs were algorithmic and reacted to marker words, now they’ve been taken towards full-fledged AI. It means a situation when people may not suspect at all that “from the other side” is AI.

AI can write texts and poems. However, its success here is quite modest. AI can write a text or a poem that has logic, maybe even meaningful, but it will not contain a key element of creativity – emotions.

There are many AI services that allow you to work with images. More precisely, not just to work with, but to perform a full cycle from creating images to their intellectual processing. There is a service that allows you to generate illustrations based on the analysis of the texts. AI can remove the background by highlighting objects in the foreground on its own. Or to blur the background and so on.

AI can also be applied in the field of games, livecasinos and entertainment.

Intelligent algorithms in particular and AI, in general, are the most powerful driver for development. Already now you can see that chatbots have become smarter, selections of live casino games better suit your tastes, and photo filters process pictures better.

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