Preventive measures to safeguard apps from malware and hackers-

With the use of increased mobile phones and varied mobile applications, the headache of smartphone hacking is also becoming a great concern. There are no apps that are 100% protected from hackers. Time, research, tactics, and technology have given liberty to hackers to hack any mobile application. One such dangerous and vulnerable malware posing severe security risks to the mobile is the strandhogg.

There are many preventive measures that help safeguard our apps from being mishandled-

  • Security tips to prevent phones from hackers- For a common man using a mobile phone following few simple hacking efforts can help stay away from malware. Firstly, the best rule when using a phone is to not leave the mobile phone unattended. Secondly, avoid using simple, predictable and default passwords. Thirdly, keep the Bluetooth turned off when not in use.
  • Use encryption- Another way to secure mobile data from hackers is to encrypt the data while saving users data at the database. Here the plain text is converted into unreadable or cipher text with the use of algorithm-based keys. Hence, the use of experts for encryption of codes can be used.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi- One form of MitM attack (man in the middle) attracts hackers. Thus, it is essential that one uses mobile data instead of data at public places like airport, hotels, shops, etc. One should do all sorts of professional work and access websites only with a secure connection.
  • Avoid any sort of SIM swapping- In this hacker calls the mobile service provider for a duplicate SIM card. This occurs when the hacker knows the four-digit security pin or other identity proof documents. In cases where hackers are successful in getting the SIM card it allows the attackers to intercept all phone calls, gain access to all secured accounts of the users.
  • Check all app permissions- Whenever a new application is installed on a mobile device, it asks for permissions for access to gallery, emails or contact lists. It is very important to carefully review each point before agreeing to them. Each brand of mobile phone has their own permission checking tab so they must be carefully read and answered.
  • NO to malicious apps- Internet is a place full of malware and hackers. Thus, every time photos, videos, emails, songs, etc are downloaded from the internet it is essential to scan all the files with the help of antivirus and other antimalware programs from experts. Whereas, if any applications are installed from the internet it is required to read all the reviews of people as 70% of mobile fraud occurs over the internet using unknown applications.
  • A people search is when you use a people search tool to look up someone’s public information by their name. Searching for someone by their name might be difficult, especially if they have a common name. To improve your search results, use the correct spelling of the name, add the first name, last name, and even the middle name.

It is because of so many malware attacks that areas like movies app OTT, O2O applications and other gaming companies are using services from best companies like Appsealing. These companies offer security from breach of malware and hackers. They allow gaming apps to securely make transactions without any harm to their revenue streams and game codes. Hence, be very vigilant while downloading any new app on the phone.

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