Premature Birth Injuries Due To Medical Malpractice

A full-term pregnancy lasts for 38-40 weeks. In the case of a premature baby, the term of pregnancy is less than 37 weeks, leading to developmental disorders or incomplete development of the baby. A premature baby requires special care, and any act of negligence by medical staff can lead to a premature birth injury which can be fatal for the baby. 

Suppose the medical staff is not providing standard medical care, and because of that, your baby has to suffer from long-term complications. In that case, you can take legal actions against the medical staff and hold them accountable for their actions. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you get compensation for the injury you and your baby have to go through due to the medical professionals’ negligence. 

Possible premature birth injuries: 

  • Respiratory diseases: 

The lungs need a minimum of 36 weeks to develop completely. A premature baby has underdeveloped lungs, which can lead to respiratory failure and later death. Therefore, a premature baby requires special care and intubation until the lungs completely develop. 

  • Digestive diseases: 

Underdeveloped digestive system cannot absorb food. So, a premature baby requires feeding through an IV or a feeding tube. However, these expose the baby to high risks of infections and injury. 

  • Vascular diseases: 

The blood vessels of the body can be underdeveloped in the case of premature babies, and this could lead to the brain and other vital organs being deprived of oxygen and blood. This results in the organ shut down. A premature baby may also have an underdeveloped heart and may require meditation for the heart to develop completely. 

  • Other issues: 

A premature baby is also at high risk of developing pneumonia, sepsis, or eye disorders. An eye disorder may require immediate surgery. Moreover, a premature baby has a very weak immune system. This can cause the baby to be affected with nosocomial infections ( these are the infections that spread in a hospital, the viral or bacterial agents are highly resistant to the antiseptics and disinfectants used, so these are more dangerous). 

A premature baby requires additional care and support. If a doctor or a nurse is negligent about your baby, this may result in the act of medical malpractice, and you can contact a lawyer to brief you about the case. 

A highly experienced birth injury lawyer can help you determine whether the injury caused to the baby is due to medical negligence or not. If the injury is due to medical negligence, the lawyer can guide you through the entire legal procedure and help you with all the legal proceedings. 


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