Pointers to be aware when you are purchasing a second hand bike

A two wheeler is a necessity for all those people who have to travel a considerable distance on the road. If you are looking to learn on how to drive a two wheeler then you might have constraints when you are about to buy second hand bike online. But when you are purchasing a second hand bike you need to undertake proper research as the vehicle has to serve you for a considerable period of time. The vehicle has to be in perfect condition and before purchasing one be aware about the following pointers.

Figure out the purpose of a two wheeler

There has to be a purpose when you are about to purchase a two wheeler. If you are someone who is looking to travel a considerable distance then opt for a bike which is comfortable. It is not going you to ditch you at any point of time. When it is short distances a sport bike may suffice. But if you are looking to travel short distances like travelling to your place of work a scooter or a decent motor cycle would accomplish the job. Whatever be the situation it is necessary that you are well informed when it comes to the purchase of a two wheeler.

Once the purpose is clear visit the manufacturer, to have an idea on which vehicle will suit you as per performance, features etc. A suggestion is to go through the reviews and watch numerous videos as the choice of a two wheeler would be dependent upon various factors. It is not only about research you can visit a physical store and check out the condition of the bike. You may ask your near and dear ones about the condition of the bike. There is no better option than practical experience.

Insurance of two wheeler

The purchase of a two wheeler insurance might turn out to be tricky since the insured value of the vehicle is not going to be much. A two wheeler insurance is possible based on the age, condition of the vehicle or other factors.  A third party insurance is something that would be necessary by law. An ideal bet is to opt for a comprehensive coverage since everything would be covered in details. Multiple websites are there where you may compare insurance and decide which option to opt.

A test ride

Whatever be the opinion of others it is mandatory that you take a test ride. Then you can have an idea whether you are comfortable with the performance, or power it may deliver. You are not looking to ensure at any point of time the vehicle is going to be a complete mismatch for you. If you happen to be a novice there is no point experimenting with a high end sports bike.

Determine the place from where you are looking to purchase the bike

Numerous pros along with cons tends to appear when you are purchasing an insurance from an independent dealer or an individual. A positive aspect of purchasing from an dealer is that you may exchange the policy if you end up paying an additional amount of premium. Even it is possible to take a test ride at the premises of a dealer.

If you happen to purchase insurance from an individual there is ample scope of negotiation. Though a point of consideration is that you may not avail additional benefits which you may expect from a dealer. If you are able to locate a single owner who would be able to provide you with all necessary documents then it is better to go ahead.

The bike has to be checked from a professional

A point to consider is that if you are planning to buy a second hand bike get it checked by a professional . This is going to prevent your hard earned money going down the drain. A professional mechanic is going to provide you with inputs in determining the bike is worth to purchase or not. Even a small mistake is going to cost you a lot in the long run.

 A service history is essential

It is always better to be purchasing vehicle from someone who has taken proper care of the vehicle. Ask for the service history and check out the various components of the vehicle that has undergone a replacement. Even check out the manual tool or the kit of the manufacturer before you go ahead with the deal.

Check out the documents of the vehicle

An important pointer with a second hand bike is to check whether all the documents are proper. Since vehicle theft is rampant you need to ensure that you are purchasing the vehicle from a genuine person. If you go on to purchase a bike without necessary documents you may get it into legal troubles. Even you might not be able to sell it in the future. When purchasing from an individual person check out whether all the documents are in the name of the person. A two wheel insurance policy indicates that you have to transfer the policy in your name. Convey the information to the RTO that the vehicle has been transferred in your name. Sometimes if you have not claimed insurance you would be entitled to No claim bonus. This would be retained along with the new policy

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Negotiate well

If you happen to be satisfied with the condition of the vehicle and the necessary paperwork then is the time to go ahead. The time is right to negotiate with the seller about the price. Be aware about the price you are willing to pay and what is the maximum amount you may afford.

An used bike would never be able to match up to the performance of a new bike, but choosing a bike with the right condition and within the given price would suffice. With the right paperwork it would suffice for a considerable period of time.

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