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 Have you ever wondered if peer pleasure or the necessity to relax or just passing time is why we love entertainment so much? Well, there definitely is much more to it. The reason why people find the company of movies so relaxing and heart touching, is its ability to provide you a gateway to your fantasies.

Movies bring out different emotions ranging from happiness, sadness, intensity, to shock and even comfort. These roller-coaster of emotions speak to us in large volumes. Entertainment helps us divert our minds from our stressful lives, helps us connect with different communities, allows us to admire creativity and art, and many more beautiful activities.

People’s love for movies has been addressed and enhanced by Plex Inc and they have come up with Plex, an app that allows its users to watch unlimited movies for absolutely free and to also stream live TV. I know that sounds amazing but wait till you get to all the features it has to offer, and you will surely be mined blown!

Best Movies and TV shows app for Android TV

The app makes a home to everyone. Kids, teenagers, youngsters, adults, despite age or gender, it provides a heck load of shows for the entertainment of us all. The app comprises of more than 180 channels to stream live tv, movies and shows from, with no subscription at all. All you got to do is download this life changing app onto your android device and start streaming all your favourites from anywhere around the world, at any time.

You might’ve has a long day and just want some good entertainment to relax. Hop onto your couch and enjoy some laughs! Or you might even want your kids to be occupied with some educational or even fun but appropriate cartoons. Plex offers a wide range of children’s content and also educational programs that would keep your kids occupied and away from causing any chaos at home! With plex, you know there is something for everyone.

The app also includes channels with news to keep you informed and up to date with the latest news. So, you can now be aware of what is happening around the world and keep yourself updated with the latest. Diverting yourself from the long monotonous lives that you have and engaging in some fun-filled entertainment can sure make you feel good as new and also increase your productivity when you get back to work. Plex, comprises of all the latest blockbusters and hottest shows that you sure would not want to miss at any cost.

You would not want to waste any more time so, buckle up and prepare yourself for a roller coaster of fun-filled, action-packed entertainment that will keep you up on your toes and provide you with the best watching experience!

Download Best Movies and TV shows app for Fire TV and Android TV

You won’t be able to find many Movies and TV shows apps on Play Store TV and Amazon Store. Best and easiest way to find free Movies app for your TV is using TV app store like FileSynced, AppLinked or Unlinked. Those are most popular TV app stores full of streaming applications.

Each and every application consist of multiple stores created by users all around the world. You can access anyone’s store for free and install your favourite streaming application on your TV stick and TV box.

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