Phil Younghusband is the main star of the Philippines national team

The Philippines national team has had little success at a serious international level. This is partly due to some organizational decisions. However, now the situation is changing for the better. If you want to follow this team, conduct the 1xBet login, and you will be able to keep abreast of the news.

In general, despite the fact that the Philippines has no major achievements, the national team has its own local heroes. First of all, this is Phil Younghusband. He holds the absolute record for the number of both matches played and goals scored in the national team.

The player played 107 matches for the national team, in which he hit the opponents’ goal 52 times. He made his debut for the Philippines back in 2006 at the age of 19. In general, it cannot be said that Younghusband has achieved serious success at the club level. He played in the Philippines championship, although he was a graduate of Chelsea. By the way, you can login to your 1xBet account and not only follow this championship but also make predictions for each match.

As for Younghusband, he is not just the national team record holder in the number of games and goals scored. The footballer has been a key player for 13 years. This fact best characterizes his importance for the national team. It’s not surprising that after the end of his career, the results of the national team decreased. It wasn’t possible to find a replacement for the player of this level.

What are the strong points of the footballer?

The fact that Younghusband played an important role for his national team is not an accident. He had practically no weak points. However, since the partners in the national team were not the strongest, this didn’t help him to achieve success at the international level. However, you can download the 1xBet app and follow the team’s future progress.

As for Younghusband, his strong points included:

  1. Excellent skills. Thanks to his dribbling, he often freed himself from rivals and made effective actions.
  2. Not a bad performance on the “second floor”. The tall player often became the winner of such duels.
  3. Speed. Thanks to it, the footballer often left his rivals and broke into the operational space.

Naturally, the departure of such a player couldn’t pass without consequences, therefore, the position of the Philippines national team in the world rankings sagged somewhat. However, you can still download the app by the 1xBet company and start making predictions for new matches. Since they are held regularly, you can constantly make your predictions, and this will be the first step towards hitting a really big jackpot.

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