Penultimate: The Digital Handwriting Application for iPad

Penultimate produced by the Evernote Company has cutting-edge technological development. It allows the users to take notes with its easy options. Penultimate has managed to innovate the world of digital notebooks due to its intuitive and clean interface (without paper and pen), continues to give students and professionals something to talk about, and it has become an easy option to write notes quickly and easily through your iPad.

Currently, it is widely used to facilitate tasks in many areas, both in the workplace and business as well as for students who want to take notes in classes.

Penultimate and its scope

It is one of the most used applications to write on iPad because it manages to imitate writing in a notebook almost perfectly, where you can trace the notes by hand, finger, or stylus, facilitating the processes when writing from agendas, tips for an exam to even a cooking recipe.

Link with Evernote

Using your Evernote account, you will be able to create several notebooks and sync everything you write or draw with your Internet connection, which can be immediately detected by the search engine if you have good handwriting and it is understandable for the search engine, this makes it much easier for your school research.

In this context, the Penultimate tool has been awarded for combining the natural experience of writing with pen on paper in the digital realm, with its powerful search and synchronization features of Evernote.

Advantages of Penultimate – Why choose it as your note-taking app?

Without a doubt, with what we have told you so far, you may already be about to apps download it, but get to know in depth the different advantages of using this application:

You will not have to take pens, notebooks, or colors with you to class.

You can sort the notes according to your needs.

After developing the ideas you will be able to share it with your study or work colleagues due to its synchronization with the internet.

It allows enriching the annotations with elements that you include from your creations.

Contributes to the conservation of natural ecosystems.

Good design.

It is available in several languages: 

  • English.
  • German.
  • Russian.
  • Spanish.
  • Chinese.
  • Japanese.
  • Portuguese.
  • Korean.
  • French.
  • Turkish.

In addition, this app has a type of line that imitates a pen or pencil, added to ten vibrant and entertaining colors with a thickness regulator that will give you the creative freedom to write and paint with your finger or stylus.

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