Options to Prevent Relapse Back into Addiction Through Aftercare Planning

The battle to overcome drug and alcohol addiction isn’t over after graduation from an inpatient drug addiction facility. Addiction is a lifelong disease that requires routine maintenance to assure continuous sobriety and lowered risk for relapse back into active drug and alcohol use. Addiction centers work with a team of licensed and qualified addiction specialists who help all patients safely transition into a life free of alcohol and drug abuse with individualized relapse prevention aftercare programs.

A relapse prevention aftercare program is a process that starts early on in an individual’s treatment program process. During the intake of an individual into one of Addiction Solution’s inpatient addiction treatment programs, our behavioral health and clinical team begin taking note of pertinent information that will be reflected upon during the formulation of relapse prevention aftercare program logistics.

At expert addiction facilities, aftercare planning specialists take a vested interest in providing proper addiction treatment aftercare planning to all of their guests and make sure that the devised aftercare plans are well within the reasonable and attainable lifestyle constructs of an individual’s present situation.

Professional addiction centers offer a wide range of addiction treatment aftercare planning programs that fit each and every individual’s own unique needs. No two aftercare plans are exactly the same, as the experts understand that each individual’s recovery process is different. Here are some of the relapse prevention aftercare program options that are recommended for patients by specialists:

Individualized Dual-Diagnosis Therapy

If you are struggling with a mental or cognitive disorder in addition to alcoholism and drug addiction, we can help you. Addiction centers provide ample amounts of co-occurring disorder therapeutic support groups and individualized therapy for those who are struggling with multiple disorders. In order to fully and thoroughly recover from addiction, all underlying issues, including mental disorders, must be treated.

Group Addiction Counseling

Offering both intensive outpatient and outpatient group therapy options, Addiction Solutions provides the highest quality of continued care through flexible outpatient groups.  Still providing high levels of accountability and relapse prevention, outpatient therapy groups are a perfect segue between treatment and returning to everyday life without the support of an addiction counseling team.

Family Counseling

For families who have been affected by drug and alcohol addiction, we are now offering family counseling as a part of addiction treatment aftercare planning.  Suitable for those with spousal or familial issues that have arisen as a direct result of drug and alcohol usage, family counseling reconnects loved ones after inpatient addiction treatment.

Local Sober Living Resource Support Groups

Addiction centers have a wide variety of sober living and support groups that are made available to you. Both on a local and national level, sober living facilities provide structure and continued aftercare for patients and support through early sobriety.

In order to take part in any addiction treatment aftercare planning process, you can contact an expert service, and they will be more than happy to help you during the process of continuing your sober living commitment after inpatient addiction treatment.

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