Online Business You Can Start in 2021

Online businesses today are growing because the internet has made it possible for many different business models to exist that are serving specific niches. This is why a lot of people are working on different side-hustles that they want to grow into their own online business. So, if you’re also looking to create an online business and you lack some ideas in this article, we have compiled a list of great online business ideas that are profitable in 2021.

Online Casinos

Online casinos represent one of the most lucrative business models that exist on the market; they cater to a worldwide audience, with a great range of slots, blackjack, poker, and live casino games. The users are able to choose from hundreds of different options, while the digital business model allows them to connect with many different customers.  Otherwise, there are online casinos that offer the best casino bonuses and a range of different offers to their members.

The main disadvantage is that the market is saturated with new online casinos arising on the market constantly, which is why it’s essential to work on obtaining a valid license, creating a good marketing strategy that will promote your business, and developing an online platform that fits the preferences of your members.

Work as a Social Media Manager

A lot of businesses need help managing their social media channels. In case you have relevant experience in this area, you can send proposals to a couple of businesses and start working as their social media manager.

There are a lot of options and opportunities for growth, while it’s a dynamic and creative field where you will have a chance to improve your skills and communication with other people and eventually build your brand and employ more people.

Self-Employed Freelancer

The gig economy is definitely on the rise and has grown over 15% in the past decade. You can easily find a freelance gig that suits your skills and experience, but you can find better jobs and also charge higher rates when you already have some experience.  The next step would be to create your own freelance business after you’ve developed valuable relationships with your clients and manage other freelancers that offer specific services.

For example, if you started working as an online marketing manager, you can also employ graphic designers or copywriters and work as a digital marketing agency online.

But, keep in mind that the competition is strong, especially in the beginning. This is why, make sure to work on your personal brand, CV, and portfolio. There are many reputable sites online, but as a beginner, you can create an account on multiple platforms, like Upwork, Crowded, Toptal, Fiverr, and others.


Working as a videographer and providing these types of services can be very profitable in 2021, especially since there is a rise in video content on social media platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

So, it’s essential for digital marketing agencies, as well as businesses, to have a videographer that will capture and edit video content. Also, you can work for other influences and YouТubers. This can grow to become a very profitable business because the market is expanding in this area.

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