Obtaining Copies of Your Washington State Divorce Records: What are Your Options?

In Washington State, divorce records are available to the public. This means that as long as the proper procedure is followed, these records can be accessed by anyone. With this in mind, divorced couples can track down and access their washington state divorce record in various ways. 

Options to Access Your Divorce Records

To access your divorce records, you will need specific information such as the names of the parties involved, dates of birth, and the state where the divorce occurred. You can more easily narrow your search down if you have all the necessary information. Here are your options for obtaining copies of your divorce records in Washington State. 

  • Washington Department of Health and Vital Records. You may request copies of your divorce records by going to the department’s office in person or requesting them by email. You will be asked to fill out a form and pay a fee. Once you submit all the necessary paperwork, you just have to wait for the copies.
  • Washington State Digital Archives. The state has made divorce records available digitally and you can find view them on the Washington State Digital Archives website. 
  • Court clerk’s office. A copy of your divorce decree should be available at the court where your divorce was filed. Do an online search to verify the location of the decree and visit the office of the court clerk. You will be asked to provide the case number and the identification to get the copy. 

Why You May Need a Copy of Your Divorce Records

When you search for divorce records, you have several options to choose from. The Department of Health can give copies of either divorce decree or divorce certificate. 

There are several reasons you may need to obtain a copy of your divorce decree or certificate. You will need one if you decide to change your name once your divorce has been finalized. A divorce certificate is a requirement when changing your name on your state-issued ID or vehicle title. 

Moreover, you will also need a copy of your divorce decree if you decide to remarry. This document proves that your marriage has been dissolved. You will need it to get a marriage license. 

Your divorce decree explicitly spells out your separation’s terms including every party’s responsibilities. If you think your ex-spouse is violating these terms, you can check your decree before you pursue a court case. 

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