New Traditions To Incorporate into The Different Festive Periods

In this modern-day, traditions are important to follow. They give structure and meaning to our lives by using special occasions to benchmark the year ahead. From Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Easter, there are many English traditions that we’ve seen time and time again.

But is it time to mix things up a little? Are the ways we can put new spins on old traditions?

In this article, we explore a few ideas on how we can shake things up!


Though we’ve seen the new edition of “Elf on the Shelf” in recent years, there are some old traditions that we could bring back to life, such as wreath making. Creating wreaths with your children is a great, interactive activity that gets their creativity flowing. You can include glitter, candy canes, tinsel, and anything that you can think of to make the wreath suited to what your child would like. There are lots of wreath making kits that you can order online to you started.


These days Easter tends to just be indulging in chocolate – but bringing back the good old fashioned Easter egg hunt is one of the most fun activities for children of all ages to enjoy. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there’s no denying a good scavenger hunt is thrilling for everyone involved. Be sure to write clues and riddles that lead to some delicious chocolate Easter eggs for the children to enjoy as their post-hunt reward.


Halloween is a frightfully fun time of year for children and adults alike. Why not get creative when it comes to pumpkin carving and create a pumpkin fairy house or a football? You could even engrave it with your child’s favourite fictional character? Alongside this bringing back traditional Halloween party games such as apple bobbing, or making a campfire in your back garden for everyone to gather around and share scary stories together.

Valentine’s Day

Instead of simply going out for dinner or staying in and cosying up to a candle-lit movie night, why not push the boat out this Valentine’s Day by doing something different? A romantic nighttime road trip for a spot of star gazing could be a magical evening for the two of you. Alternatively, if you can’t get time off to go away, why not bring back the old tradition of creating a mixtape for your partner? This is a heartfelt personal way to show you care by creating a personalised playlist full of their favourite songs that spark memories you’ve shared together.

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