My Trip To Delhi: A Journal

This is my journey to Delhi.

We were preparing to leave for Delhi after touring the sights of Mathura and Vrindaban.

By 4:30, we had all finished our tea and were ready to board the bus to Delhi.

The distance between Vrindavan and Delhi is roughly 145 kilometres, which is a 3 to 4 hour travel.

First Part: When the long journey ended

We arrived in Delhi at 10:30 a.m. to view the “Lotus Temple.” However, because it being Monday, the gates were locked, and we proceeded directly to our NSN Hotel J Joy.

First, we proceeded to Birla Temple, and then to Kalibari New Delhi.

From there, the guide drove us to Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Railway Minister’s Office, Parliament House, the Red Fort, and the Jumma Mosque, among other things.

And then we’ll watch “India Gate” from here.

We were only permitted 20 minutes inside the campus to take photographs before leaving towards Rajghat.

While travelling we saw few amazing roadside scenes which will be an cherisable moments in the later parts of our life. In order to make your travel safe, affordable and comfortable, we recommend you to use zingbus to book your bus tickets.

We returned to our hotel and had 20 minutes to freshen ourselves before having Singhara as our evening tiffin.

The day finished on a positive note, and we were right back on schedule for the next day.

Second Part: Day 2

We ate breakfast at 8:30 a.m. on December 5th. Now we’ll go on to the site scene.

As we went, we saw various high commissions (China, Norway, Sweden and France). 

While seeing this, I went to Qutub Minar. After purchasing a ten rupee ticket, I went inside.

I went inside and noticed the beautifully adorned garden between the Qutub Minar. The bottom of the tower is thick, while the top is thin.

According to custom, everyone was allowed to climb the tower once. However, it has been halted for some years.

One of the primary reasons was that some years ago, schoolchildren slid on their feet while climbing up.

Anyway, we took a few shots around here, saw a few broken pillars, and so on. We then walked to a grave and stood alongside it.

Our team members persuaded everyone to take a group shot, and everyone gladly obliged.

Third Part: The Lotus Temple

We’ve been on the bus for approximately 20 minutes. We are now on our way to New Delhi’s “Lotus Temple.”

From the outside, it resembles a lotus flower, therefore I assumed it was called after that flower.

The exterior is entirely made of marble stone and rests on 6 acres of land.

We learned it was a place of worship. Its official name is “Bahai Worship.” It’s rather cold inside, and everyone is supposed to leave quietly.

The lawn was nicely groomed, and several various trees were planted and meticulously maintained by the caretakers.

While boarding the bus, I spent about 30 minutes out here and observed “Tinmurti Bhavan” and “Gandhibari.”

After some time, the bus arrived to the “Indira Gandhi Museum.” Indira Gandhi’s many used objects are shown in this paired room. This includes the living and dining rooms.

Passed along from Indira Gandhi’s residence in Rajiv Gandhi’S collection sala. Here are the items and books used by him, photos of her different time etc. 

We left for the NSN Hotel J Joy around 1:30 pm and reached around 2:45 pm. 

Then we had chilli chicken with fried rice with lentils, rice, fish, chutney, and cauliflower roast, gourd, and chutney for lunch.

Last Moments Of My Trip To Delhi

We went back to our rooms after dining. And around 6 p.m., I received tea and two egg devils as tiffin.

This was the end of the day. We then ate our foodl and went to bed.

Food and services of this hotel were really good, if you want you can check out the NSNHotels list of cheap hotels in Delhi according to your convenience.

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