Moving Your Small Business into Its First Office

Moving your small business into its first office is an exciting time for everyone. It gives your employees a fresh space to discuss ideas and work collaboratively as well as proving that your business is taking off.

It is estimated that around 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and one contributing factor to this is through misjudging your operating space which is why is it vital that you consider the following points to ensure success and a smooth transition into office life.

Here are our top tips for moving your small business into its first office.

Inspect the infrastructure

As with any business in today’s climate, you’ll need to have the correct internet speeds for a small business to successfully run operations. To ensure you will have this, once you have selected an office space, check with your desired internet provider to see if they service the building.

Following this, your inspection should analyse how well your team will fit into the office space. Are there enough desks and chairs for every worker and, if your business is expanding rapidly, can you accommodate new hires? A well-designed, attractive, and functional workspace is crucial to a successful business. You want customers and employees to feel safe and comfortable, even when using your restroom; leave a good impression, and increase the chance of returning. If there is a need for an update, sites like can guide you through all the stages of remodeling.

Analyze the lease

Before signing the lease, you’ll want to make sure that every detail is negotiated in your favour to avoid any surprises along the way.

Read every line on the document and ensure that it offers flexibility should circumstances change in your business. This space could be your business home for the next few years so it’s vital you get it right.

Get insurance

There is a range of insurance policies that small businesses must have to operate including commercial property insurance.

This insurance will help your business from falling under should a natural disaster destroy the building you operate from as paying the fees to build it back up could be enough to bankrupt a small business. On top of this, your business will also be protected against accidental damages to employees or clients when they visit your building making it even more important to organise this.

Get essential office equipment and systems

To ensure your small business succeeds, you’ll need to fill your office space with equipment that will increase productivity. If you’re moving into your first office, consider leasing equipment to reduce the financial strain of a bigger space and expansion of your business. Small businesses require a wide range of equipment, such as computers, desks, and appliances for shared areas in the kitchen.

Computer Software

Data is the backbone of most businesses which means you’ll want the best level of protection and that comes with computer software. This could be made up with anti-virus protection or CRM systems like Salesforce.

Ferrite Beads

Typically used to maintain the integrity of signals along a wire ensuring that there is little-to-no interference to the electrical devices in your office. Ferrite beads will keep your systems operating to their maximum which in turn, will aid your worker’s productivity.

Don’t let your office space be the reason for small business failure. Follow these tips and your new office space will be outstanding.

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