Loose Wave Or Body Wave Hair Bundles: Which one Is  Better?

Hairstyling is a deep form of love that we cannot quickly rid ourselves of. This intense love for hair has paved the way for different kinds of hair-related facilities and accessories, including numerous hair bundles.

There are various kinds of hair bundles that are available in the market. But all of them are different from one another. These differences are based on shape, material, quality etc. If you’re a fan of wet and wavy hair, you must have heard about loose waves and body waves. These hair bundles are immensely loved by people all over the world.

What are Loose wave or Body wave hair bundles?

Body wave hair are usually made out of Brazilian hair, which has a wavy texture. Therefore, these hair bundles have a deep “S” shaped pattern spread evenly throughout the bundle. Being made of Brazilian hair, these bundles have a shiny appearance and a smooth finish. One of the unique attributes of these hair bundles is that you do not need to take care of these bundles. They are naturally long-lasting and versatile. They also go extremely well with any face shape and hence are opted by many people.

Loose waves, on the other hand, have a tighter curl shape as compared to body waves. These loopy bundles are also made out of Brazilian hair. This gives them a smooth and glossy look. These hair bundles are great despite being more curly since they do not tangle easily or get broken more often than others. However, there is a minor disadvantage of using these bundles. After a few washes, you’ll notice these bundles lose their gloss and their natural look.

Choosing between Loose wave or Body wave hair bundles

Since people highly prefer both these waves, it is important to understand which weave hair bundles should be used. Depending upon your objective, you can select either of these bundles:

  • If you’re looking for more volume, you may opt for loose waves. These bundles can help you make hairstyles that require more volume.
  • If you want to simply use weave hair to increase your hair length, you may want to use body wave hair bundles. However, if you want to carry a look with more curls on your head, simply select the loose wave hair bundles.
  • If you want to use hair bundles with better shelf life, simply purchase loose wave bundles. These bundles stay the same over time and can be easily curled by using a heated curler. Since they have better quality, they do not degrade from exposure to heat.

Since these bundles do not damage your natural hair, you may have as many types of bundles as you want to. You may colour them or chop them off according to your needs and preferences.

As long as you want to pull off a curly hair look, you can opt from these two given types of body wave hair bundles. Both of these bundles can significantly improve your look, thereby boosting your style and confidence.

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