Looking Into Tasks You Can DIY and When to Hire a Professional

When tackling a home improvement project, the main focus shouldn’t be on saving money. You need to understand that some tasks can only be handled by professionals.

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, hiring a professional will be costly. Some people will DIY some of these tasks; however, they lack the necessary skills. Regardless of whether you have prior experience, you need to consider the materials, time, permits, and tools required to handle the home improvement project.

The tasks that you can DIY include:

1. Fixing a Running Toilet

To fix a running toilet, you’ll need a toilet rebuild kit. You can also opt for the best Kohler toilet for one of the hardware stores in your locality. The installation kits usually contain instructions that are easy-to-follow and straightforward. For specialty toilets, you’ll need to hire a professional.1. Fixing a Leaky Bathroom or Kitchen Pipe

If the bathroom or kitchen pipe is leaking, you may only need to tighten it. However, you need to contact a professional if the leaking is taking place inside the wall.

2. Fixing the Clogged Garbage Disposal

If the garbage disposal is clogged, you need to clear it using a small wrench that can fit into a hexagonal opening present under the garbage disposal, and you should ensure it has been turned off. You can contact a professional if you’re unable to fix the issue on your own.

3. Replacing the Faucet

For the centerset type, you only need to follow the installation instructions issued by the manufacturer. For other types with different hose connections on the lower side, you’ll have to contact a professional.

4. Add Chimes to the Doorbell

When you want to alter the sound your doorbell produces, you can add chimes to the doorbell system. The low-voltage project is easy to handle, and you won’t require the know-how of a professional.

5. Patch a Hole Present in the Drywall

It is easy to patch a nail hole present on the wall. When you patch the holes in the wall, you make sure the old wall looks new. You can use a spackle knife when filling the holes with lightweight putty while scraping excess off each wall. You’ll then wait for the putty to dry, and you can sand the spot on the wall until it’s smooth. After that, you can paint each spot using primer. You can cut, replace, tape, and perform sanding for a larger hole, and a professional is well suited to handle all this work while ensuring the seams will be undetectable.

6. Cleaning Gutters

Are your gutters clogged? Then you’ll notice a pool of water forms around the house when it rains, which means you’ll experience rot and mold issues. If you want to prevent any water damage, the leaves are supposed to be removed out of the gutters when spring and fall end. You only need a ladder, and you can easily get rid of the leaves present in the gutter. It is advisable to seek assistance from someone who will help to hold the ladder in position.

Some of the tasks that professionals should handle include:

1. Hanging Wallpaper

When hanging wallpaper, you’ll experience some challenges while ensuring it appears straight on the wall while also guaranteeing the patterns match up correctly. Two people should handle such a task. There are instances when bubbling occurs, which means the wallpaper should be removed, and a new strip will be reinstalled. The main issue is that you won’t have enough wallpaper at the end of it all and you’ll have to order more. In this case, you can see that hiring a professional means fewer risks and the outcome is predictable.

2. Painting the Exterior Part of Your Home

Painting the exterior part of your home is a huge task. Most homes require soffits and rake boards, among other things, and it is all dependent on your type of home. You’ll also have to use ladders, and you might even be forced to climb on the roof. As a homeowner, you need to consider your safety requirements before you handle such a task. If you hire a professional, they will avail themselves of the right equipment, and they also have the necessary experience needed when it comes to handling such tasks. The professional can also assist with metallic roof installation.

Look at your home and decide on the tasks that you can DIY and the ones that should be handled by a professional. When you DIY some of these tasks, you’ll save some money in the process, and you’ll also get value for your money when you hire a professional.

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