Let me tell you a secret – I see weighted blankets everywhere

It is because I just love them. I love the fact that I live in a world where weighted blankets for kids exist. Because they make a parent’s life more relaxed. And a kid’s life at the same time. Letting go of all those great things you can discover daily when being a kid is hard. If it were for them, they wouldn’t sleep at all, just pass out exhausted from time to time. But you know better. And would like to make bedtime pleasant. But they won’t enjoy it naturally. So there is crying and kicking. Sometimes crying makes it to the other side also, because you just don’t know how to handle it better. This is where the weighted blanket for kids saves the day and the night J

A weighted blanket is a heavy one, meant to apply pressure all over the kid’s body during sleep, which improves the quality and duration of his/her resting time. The concept has a very natural explanation, we all have a need to feel safe and while being asleep we lose all control and therefore are and feel more vulnerable. So the blanket compensates, reenacting the atmosphere from the womb, where nothing bad can ever happen. Besides pressure, it also provides a constant temperature underneath, which contributes to a better quality sleep.

Now, as for all great products, you would expect a catch. There’s none. The weighted blanket is plain, simple and it works. If you choose a weighted blanket for kids with removable cover, your life will be even more relaxed, as you will not worry about accidents of all sort. You just take the cover off, put it in the machine, dry it after and use it in maximum 2 or 3 hours tops. What’s there not to like? Add to that the fact that they have blankets for various ages and weights (as the product needs to fit certain parameters of the beneficiary) and a lot of colours for you to mix and match as much as you want and you’ll be simply blown away by the simplicity of the solution.

When first reading about it, I had one of those „how come I never thought of this?” moments, as now, when someone did think of it, it seems so natural. I am still grateful to its developper and producer, wherever she/he may be. As it turned my universe into its perfect version, my kid did not have any other issue beside not wanting to go to bed, like any normal kid since the beginning of time. And this was solved with one product, a product I know have supplies for. Because I dreamt once that my son’s blanket was ruined and they were out of stock. And he wasn’t sleeping, so I wasn’t sleeping either. Talk about nightmares, huh? I was so happy it was just a bad dream, but it somehow stuck with me, so I bought some blankets just in case, to feel at ease and secure, just like my kid does when tucked in with one.

This is not something you should take anyone’s word for, it is something that you need to try and see for yourself. It is not expensive, it is delivered to your front door, there is no brainsurgery in choosing the right one, so you don’t have anything to lose. The ones from Hazli, which I recommend, have a triple layered composition, with 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber, a guarantee for its 100% efficiency, as the three layers prevent beads leakage for a perfect weight distribution.

Do yourself a favor and buy one, you’ll thank me later

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