Ladbrokes 3D Holdem and Classic Poker Review

Ladbrokes poker, driven by Microgaming poker software, offers a diverse range of card and casino games featuring superior graphics, excellent connection speed and a wide variety of customizable options, from card back style and floor and table color, to seating preferences and table size.

Home of Europe’s longest running online poker tournament, the Leocop, Ladbrokes poker also hosts World Series of Poker qualifiers, freeroll tournaments and a range of daily tournament leaderboard events that cater for any budget.

Ladbrokes Poker Styles

Ladbrokes poker provides three ways to play. The new Ladbrokes 3D poker client allows the player to experience a state of the art poker experience complete with animated 3D avatars. The Ladbrokes Classic software provides a more traditional top-down view of the poker table, and supports up to 8 tables at once. The Classic Online version can be played through a web browser without downloading the software package.

Ladbrokes Poker Games

Ladbrokes hosts 5 poker variants, all with stakes ranging from 5 cent blinds to over $50 blinds. Ladbrokes also includes freeplay poker for the beginner. The poker games available include:

Texas Hold’em

Omaha Hi-Lo




All games include no-limit, pot-limit and fixed-limit tables.

Unique Features: Rabbit Cards and Skeleton Cards

Ladbrokes includes two unique features. The first is the rabbit card. With the rabbit card option enabled, a player is allowed to view the next card that would have been dealt if the hand does not play to completion.

The second feature is the use of skeleton cards. With skeleton cards enabled, the player’s hole cards remain visible to the player even if the hand was folded. The best resulting hand including the skeleton cards is also displayed.

While having no direct impact on each individual hand played, revealing the rabbit card and using skeleton cards can improve a player’s performance by demonstrating how different hole cards would have panned out if played through.

Ladbrokes Poker Software Banking

Perhaps the best feature of Ladbrokes poker when compared to its rivals is the Ladbrokes banking system. Once a credit card or other payment is registered, the cashier system used by Ladbrokes poker is quick, simple and safe. Deposits are immediate, and withdrawals are banked within 3 working days if not sooner.

One peculiarity of Ladbrokes poker is that though a European site, all games are played in US dollars, with all transactions based on the floating exchange rate, which, in the current climate, can be used to the successful European player’s advantage.

Despite using the US dollar, Ladbrokes does not allow players based in the US to play cash games, due to US credit card legislation concerning gambling. Despite the absence of US players, Ladbrokes poker averages between 2000 and 5000 connected real money players at any given time.

Ladbrokes Poker Review Summary

Ladbrokes poker is secure, fast, easy to navigate and very pleasing to the eye. The variety of game types offered is exhaustive, and the promotions are regular and generous. The microgaming poker software that powers the Ladbrokes poker site is constantly being refined, with updates being downloaded automatically at start-up.

With a welcome bonus of up to $500, 25% cashback on raked hands and a $50 refer-a-friend scheme, Ladbrokes poker software is definitely worth downloading for any online poker player. To learn more, visit the Ladbrokes Poker Website.

Depositing Money to an Online Poker Site

Playing Poker online for money unlocks a closet full of unknown challenges and hidden dangers. A lot of people are afraid to deposit money to an online Poker site for major security reasons. Identity theft is rampant in this day and age, and a lot of people don’t feel comfortable giving out their personal information and bank account number online.

Though the danger still lurks, one can’t let this stop them from entering and enjoying the action. Most of the prominent Poker sites such as PokerStars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, and the like all utilize top security software to protect one’s identity, and ensure 100% security while depositing, registering and playing.

Methods for Depositing Funds

Top Online Casino Malaysia websites offer an array of ways for players to bankroll their game, whether it be through credit card payment, electronic checking, or an E-Wallet. All offer varying degrees of functionality, and limits on how much a player can deposit during a given period.

Credit Cards

Perhaps the most widely used method for depositing is the Visa or Mastercard payment. Most credit cards won’t allow payments to online gambling promotions, but Visa or Mastercard allows deposits up to $600 daily to $2,000 in a month on most major Poker sites.


The e-check deposit is becoming a popular alternative as most credit cards aren’t accepted. An e-check works exactly as a paper check would, the player supplies an account number and a routing number, the funds are requested from their bank, and transferred directly from their account. Like credit cards, this allows for instantaneous play, and is completely secure.


E-Wallets such as NETeller and Click2Pay have become another viable option to deposit funds. Players can safely transfer funds to their NETeller or Click2Pay accounts and then deposit directly using each site’s respective Cashier option. Funds can also be returned and cashouts can be made using this option.

Top Deposit Methods






With all the world’s technological developments, banking, income taxes, and business transactions are all securely done online. Depositing money to an online Poker site is mere proof of this technology at work. Players shouldn’t have to worry with the fear of identity theft and misappropriated funds on top of concentrating on their game while sitting at the virtual tables, and in today’s online Poker world they won’t have to. Players should simply exercise common sense and good judgment on where and with whom they share their personal information, and they shall have no worries.

Top Poker Websites

Some of the top poker websites to name here are as below:


Full Tilt Poker

Absolute Poker

Ultimate Bet


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