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Kuwait is a country located in Western Asia. Kuwait shares borders with the following countries: Iran, Saudi Arabia. Kuwait covers an area of 17,820 square kilometers. The population is 2,789,132 people and the population density is 156.52 people per km2. The language spoken in Kuwait is Arabic. Kuwait is popular because of its oil business, it is very expanded here, and it provides people with Kuwait jobs here. If you choose a place to work and live, but you do not know where to go, we will boldly fight you Kuwait. We bet you may not have heard of this place, but we swear it’s incredible for a career and a relaxed life.

For some reason, it is generally accepted that for foreigners, work in Kuwait exists only in the service sector, hotels, restaurants and the like, which is not entirely true.

Many foreign qualified specialists successfully work in the following areas:

–          medicine;

–          IT – industry;

–          banking and insurance sector;

–          oil and gas industry.

What vacancies are offered in Kuwait?

  1. HOSTES.

Salary from 650 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid.

  1. WORKERS in the Cafe and in the chocolate shop.

Salary from 650 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid.

  1. STYLIST (colorist + haircuts) to a beauty salon.

Salary from 800 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid.


Salary from 600 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid.

  1. FITNESS instructor in the spa and gym.

Salary from 1300 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid.

  1. DANCE INSTRUCTOR in SPA & Gym (women only).

Salary from 1300 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid.


Salary from 1000 USD.

Accommodation and transport are paid by every employer.

Here you can see jobs, that may not require any education, only experience and knowledge of English. Knowledge of Arabic is a plus, and you may even get a better job than you expected.

What the employer offers:

– interesting vacancies

– stable work

The employer also provides:

– contract

– payment for the flight

– work permit

– free accommodation

– meals during working hours

– annual paid vacation 30 days

– medical insurance

Requirements for candidates:

– conversational English at intermediate level and above

– work experience is not required, but is encouraged

– a great desire to work and a desire to constantly learn and improve your professional level

– ability to work in a team and alone

Forms of employment:

–          Full time work day;

–          Part-time working day (Part-time employment);

–          Project work;

–          Self-employment.

What is the cost of living in Kuwait?

Kuwait gross domestic product (GDP) is $ 179,500,000,000. The total average cost of living in Kuwait is approximately two thousand dollars per two people per month.

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