Kitsune Mask : Meaning, Traditions, When Why and How to Wear it

The Kitsune mask is likewise alluded to as a fox mask. This is an exceptional veil worn by the Japanese on unique festivals, mainly for entertainment. Simply put, the mask is any cover that has the actual qualities of a fox. The masks are often worn to honor the gods. What’s more? Kitsune masks can be utilized for ritual/ceremonial practices.

What’s a Kitsune Mask ?

A lot of people who like wearing covers in Japan and all over the planet often pose numerous inquiries about fox covers. Kitsune mask or fox mask is a unique cover worn by Japanese on exceptional celebrations – for entertainment only. Also as a mask used during ritual practices in Japan, it’s highly valued by the people.

Generally, these veils are worn to honor the divine beings. In addition, these covers are accessible in various shapes, shading, and estimates.

What are the Types of Kitsune Masks ?

Albeit many individuals may not comprehend Japanese religious culture, it is vital to take note that kitsune covers are accessible in various types. It is likewise essential to take note that there are great foxes and awful ones in Japanese culture.

These give the kitsune two major classes of good and terrible ones. What’s more? These two classifications are separated into 13 subcategories that incorporate Kasai, Kaze, Sand, Chikyu, Jikan, Yama, Mori, and a few others.

Hence, there are many kinds of kitsune veils. Nevertheless, kitsune make has several shapes and sizes. The most well-known shadings often have black, gold, and white.

Why are These Masks so Popular in Japan ?

There are a lot of celebrations and festivities from one side of the planet to the other. Individuals could associate with one another and experience various societies during these celebrations or festivities.

It is fun to interact and experience different cultures among various races. At some random celebrations or festivities, you will want to look further into the particular lifestyles, different sorts of food, various sorts of dress, and, surprisingly, different works of expressions performed by various individuals or races.

Kitsune masks (or fox masks) are exceptionally well known in Japan. The reasons why they are popular here are numerous.

One of these reasons is the relationship with foxes. In Japanese culture, foxes are unique animals and are supposed to be Inari couriers of Inari. Therefore, individuals hold celebrations consistently during the rice harvest season. Thus, a lot of people need to purchase these covers to celebrate the celebrations without limit. The celebration is often held from August to November. Here, individuals are expected to wear the Kitsune covers while going to the celebrations.

Apart from the use of these special masks during festivals, Japanese veils are alluring and interesting. Hence, a lot of people love to purchase and wear them for entertainment purposes.

It is essential to add that masks are often worn by the Japanese to frighten off people and even safeguard individuals from getting wounds during battles. Hence, many individuals are moving these veils to frighten off individuals. In addition, these covers are often utilized in plays as well as in videos. Not to mention, these are a portion of the reasons that make kitsune covers so famous, especially in Japan.


Wearing the kitsune mask is just like putting on your regular mask. However, these masks are held in high esteem in Japan. They are mainly used as a form of entertainment during festivals. Finally, kitsune masks are gradually becoming popular in other parts of the world. Kitsune masks are also popular during some bachelor’s parties.

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