Key Factors To Consider When Buying Sugarcane Juice Machine

Kenya had been leading in terms of sugar production and so the juice that is extracted from the sugarcane plant which has helped in the economic growth of the country.Sugarcane’s edibles act as a consumption option alternative to caffeinated drinks while providing the health essentials of water. There are different types of machine that are used to extract juice from sugarcane,manual and automatic machines.

Many buyers ought to get quality sugar juice machine.This article is favourable to them for reference purposes before buying the machine.

The level of industrialisation has greatly increased and the demand for machines is high.For effective production in companies, machines are needed so as to make work easierthis has included the need for a juice machine.

1.Power requirement-You will need to calculate the cost of energy involved in the production when using both manual and automatic machines.Automatic machines use  more energy than the manual ones hence they use high energy cost for operation.

  1. Space requirement-You must know how much space both the manual and automatic machine takes in installation and operation After Installation,you have to provide space for operational activity. Therefore,you have to check whether you can provide space or not before purchasing the machine.
  2. PriceSugarcane juice machine price in Kenya is the most important factor and a final determinant when selecring the right sugarcane juice machine.Check every feature of the machine and never compromise quality over price.The greater focus should be the quality and value.

4.Efficiency-You should choose a machine where sugarcane won’t be broken more often for effective exterior.Automatic machines are more efficient than the manual ones.

5.Model-You should choose the model of a sugarcane juice machine either manual or automatic in terms of shape,material and the number of rolls juicers.

6.Warranty-Check the warranty period of the machine before placing the final order.Check in detail what are the parts that come with warranty and those that don’t.You should also check the service fees structure.

7.Material-Both the manual and the automatic machines require materials such as stainless steel plate,rollers,stainless square pipe,chain reduction gear bolt and nut for effective operation.

Features of a Manual Sugarcane Juice Machine

1.All out shell is made of stainless steel to create and clean authentic juice.

2.Rollers made of stainless steel and all parts at head has anti rust treatment to ensure hygiene.

3.Speed reducer gearbox and anti-shake device to reduce the noise much more.

4.The cane dregs inside the machine ensure the juice won’t come out.

5.Juice dispenser to collect the juice extract.

Features of an Automatic Juice Machine

This machine extracts highly nutritious sugarcane juice by pressing canes via stainless steel rollers automatically separating the extracts.Its features include:

  1. Instant chillers

2.Waste collector for disposal of the remains after the juice extraction.

3.Horizontal rolling

4.Vertical rolling

  1. Juice dispenser to collect the juice extract.

6.All out shell is made of stainless steel to create and clean authentic juice. 

Bottom line

From the details and considerations discussed above,an interested buyer can be able to make the right decision before purchasing the required sugarcane juice machine of his choice.They are of great importance for reference.

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