Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali

In boxing history, there is a legendary contest that is simply known as “The Fight”. This event took place on the 8th of March 1971, and the stage was Madison Square Garden located in New York. The best online gambling site Pakistan – can be used at any moment in order to wager on this highly entertaining sport.

As it can be imagined for the relevance of the venue used for the event, this was no ordinary contest. The fighters were Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. There were three titles in dispute, which were:

  • the WBA;
  • the WBC;
  • and The Ring.

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Enormous expectations

As it can be imagined, the expectations around this event were extreme. In fact, back then, it was seen as the sporting event with the largest amount of publicity in the history of any event. There were many reasons surrounding this hype. First of all, the quality and talent of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali is simply undeniable. Punters can try live sports betting with 1xBet, which also features great boxing contests.

However, there is an additional aspect that must be understood. Specifically, at that time, both Frazier and Ali were completely undefeated in their careers. In other words, this was the first time in boxing history that two fighters would challenge each other for so many trophies without losing any event before it.

Currently, with 1xBet fans can try live sports betting, which can be done on multiple different aspects of boxing events. But there was also another crucial aspect to this fight. A few years prior, all of Ali’s titles had been taken away after refusing to fight in the Vietnam war. For this reason, he was trying to reclaim them one more time.

How did the fight progress

From the first round, Joe Frazier showed a clear superiority over his contender. The most talented boxers are featured at the website, which can be used to wager from tablets and smartphones.

As the event progressed, it was clear that Frazier would be the winner. Ali still managed to resist the huge blows that Frazier was giving him. However, all three judges agreed in a unanimous manner that Frazier was the winner of the contest.

But this was not the only time when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought against each other. The former would turn things around in the subsequent two fights that they had, as he won two other fights. They took place in 1974 and 1975. Whenever such high-profile boxing events are celebrated, the 1xBet website can be used to make all kinds of wagers on them.

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