Torrance is located in Los Angeles County. It is one of the beautiful places to live in California. Torrance was integrated in 1921, and it has the population of 145,438 according to the 2010 census. Living in Torrance provides residents most of residents have their own homes and majority residents are living on rent apartment. The APARTMENTS FOR RENT TORRANCE are very cheap, Beautiful & Modern Apartments. Many young professionals are living in apartment for rent Torrance and residents are in favor to be liberal. There are highly rated public schools in Torrance. The city is ranking frequently among the secured cities in Los Angeles County. There are 30 parks in this city. It also has the second-highest percentage of citizens of Japanese. There so many kinds of facilities are available in this city here we will define in detail.


The following are the best facilities and loving environment that attracts people to visit this kind famous and beautiful city and that’s why the residents of the city are felling satisfied to live there.


The city of Torrance provides the facility of eight middle schools, a child development center 17 elementary schools, three adult education centers, and, five high schools. The Torrance Unified School District’s five high schools are:

North High School, Torrance High School, West High School, Kurt Shery High School, South High School.


The Department of city parks directs and maintains the 30 Torrance City Parks.

They include: Wilson Park, Torrance Beach Park, Living Tribute Trees Park, Torrance Smart Gardening Center – Columbia Park etc. these are famous parks of the city. These parks has best facilities of like picnic, sports and jogging etc.


The city has two main health care center. Little company of Mary hospital and Torrance Memorial medical center. A third hospital is situated just outside limit of the city Loss Angles Department of Health And Service. 


FIRE: The Fire Department of Torrance city staffs has seven Engine Companies, two Truck Companies and five Paramedic Rescue Squads. The city department of fire utilize out of six Fire Stations producing Fire and EMS coverage for the City. It also provides Mutual Aid to the local communities.

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The police department of the city provides 24-hour law precaution coverage to the city. The police department is decayed into four important divisions, each with its own subdivisions. The department has one main station which is located Center near City Hall at the Civic.


Named after former mayor Katy Geissert is the main library of the Torrance city. It is located in the city Civic Center, plus five branches at locations all around the city.


Transit, LACMTA Metro bus, and LADOT services are provided in the city. Which are quite comfortable. It has also general aviation airport and has commercial airlines quick service within 15 minutes.


Union Pacific and BNSF serve the city. BNSF operates on the former line and Union Pacific currently operates Torrance loop lines.


Torrance is such a pleasant city to live in. Torrance is the city where mostly people choose to live because of the all kind of facilities and how close it is to health care centers schools and restaurants. The people are welcoming and diverse.

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