Interior Designer Tips for Choosing the Perfect Table Runner

The holiday season seems to be around the corner, and everybody is beginning to plan all the table decorations for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. According to Town and Country Mag, the secret behind a festive holiday table happens to be purchasing the perfect statement pieces and accents well ahead of time. No wonder you are all set to create a merry and elegant table when all your guests for the special occasion come knocking at your door.

A table runner certainly is a versatile piece of table linen that you should choose with care. A table runner is immensely beneficial and can be put to various uses. Runners are available in many eye-catching styles, designs, colors, and fabrics. It could be pretty challenging to choose the perfect table runner for a special occasion keeping so many parameters in mind. However, here are some effective tips from expert interior designers.

Determining the Right Size

You should, first of all, focus your attention on measuring the exact dimensions of the dining table that needs to be decorated for the upcoming occasion. It is a critical step, and you should remember to include the lips that may be present around the edge of your table while measuring. Please be careful and take accurate measurements.

Consider the Placement

Before choosing a table runner, you must spend considerable time planning the table layout. Are you thinking of placing your runner horizontally instead of using placemats? If you are planning to use the table runner down the center of your table, you need to apply the correct formula for choosing the perfect runner width. Take accurate measurements of the table’s width. Then divide it by three. If you are planning to strategically place the runners in such a way so that they serve as placemats, it is best to make sure that they are 16 inches to 20 inches in width.

Decide on the Surface to Be Covered

You need to take into account the kind of surface that needs to be covered by the table runner while choosing the right fabric since its style and performance could impact the perfect choice for your dining table. If you have formal tables that have glossy surfaces such as lacquered wood or glass, you may opt for polyester, silk, or satin table runners. For less formal dining tables made of metal or wood, opt for a twill, cotton, or even burlap table runner.

Remember To Match with the Specific Occasion

It is a good idea to invest in a table runner that matches the occasion or complements the theme of the event. You would come across a plethora of choices for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. You may choose a holiday-themed runner for your dining table, or you may choose the right color to complement your overall holiday décor such as golden color for Thanksgiving and shades of blue for Hanukkah. If you are thinking of buying runners for creating a mesmerizing tablescape on the occasion of a wedding reception, you can buy them in bulk. Consider opting for a low-maintenance fabric that may complement your wedding color theme.


There are numerous ways of dressing up an ordinary dining table and creating an aesthetically appealing table setting. If you choose the perfect table runner, it will go a long way in protecting and brightening any surface.

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