Interesting Information about Shade Nets

Maybe you probably haven’t heard of shade nets. They are a special kind of nets mostly used in covering or rather protecting crops from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and rains. The protection degree that they offer varies from crop to crop. Most probably you have come across these nets since they are often used in greenhouses.

They are best designed to offer high rank protection to the plants. As if that is not enough, they also maintain a high level of environmental friendliness. Shade nets also guarantee protection to the workers taking care of the crops and also the customers from the sun during hot days and also from heavy rains.

The working mechanism of shade nets

Shade nets usually play a major role in availing inhibited microclimate conditions to the crops they are covering.This always depends on the crop requirements.  The microclimate conditions vary with different shade factors of the nets.

What to consider when making a Purchase of a Shade Net

1. Extent of protection the crop requires.

This actually is the basic thing to consider when purchasing a shade net. Not all crops require the same degree of protection. Some require more protection than others depending on the crop’s ability to withstand varying climatic conditions. Therefore, you should purchase a net that best suits the crops.

2. The price of the shade net

In the case where for some reason you have to look into the cost of shade net, it is more advisable to go for the ones with a lower price. On the account of quality and affordability, the shade net price in Kenya is pocket-friendly to everyone in need of the shade nets, therefore, increasing access to them regardless of someone’s financial status.

3. The area’s climatic conditions

High quality shade nets are advisable to go for when one needs to install them in an area with extreme conditions such as strong winds, excess sunlight and very heavy rains. This will increase the durability of the net.

4. Stage of development of the crops

The stage of development the crops are in, have an impact on the type of net you will have to buy. Crops at an earlier stage of development require more protection than those in the late development stage. Therefore they’ll require different types of nets.

The main functions of shade nets

  1. Protection of crops from ultraviolet rays.
  2. All types of crops are guaranteed protection from extreme climatic conditions such as scorching sun, heavy rainfall and strong winds.
  3. They enhance easier and better growth of crops by providing the crops with the climatic conditions they require.
  4. They are durable.
  5. Installation of shade nets is easy hence does not require specialists.
  6. The crops are exposed to very little pest attacks.

Varieties of shade nets

Shade nets are manufactured and available in the market in a variety of colors;

  1. Black- green – They are usually used in crop farming since their main work is to offer protection to the crops from UV rays.
  2. Black- black – They are mostly used in nurseries since they tend to absorb excess heat and radiates it inside the shade cloth.
  3. Black- white – This type of net allows diffusion in maximum amounts. Therefore it is used in growing flowers since they need a lot of light to grow.
  4. Green- green -It is used in cases where photosynthesis is required.

Areas where Shade Nets can be applied

  • Floricultural farming
  • Indoor planting
  • Greenhouse farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Fencing of terraces
  • It is used as safety nets in building and construction.
  • It is used for drying agricultural products.

In conclusion, there are many types of shade nets depending on the quality and color you need. Their prices always vary depending on these factors.Shade Nets are available in different types of colors, shades, and quality. The price of a shade net depends on the type you are in need of.

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