Incredible reasons why you should start playing Dota 2 today

You cannot deny that the market is flooded with virtual games, and topping the list is Dota 2, with its enormous success. From playing in online casino sites that you can’t miss to PCs, and Play Stations, the game is improving lives drastically.


Dota 2 is a multiplayer game involving two teams of five members. For either of the teams to be successful, there needs to be constant and effective communication, unity and a positive attitude.

For instance, position fours’ are the game’s primary support system. Without their cooperation, the carries cannot carry the team’s weight, nor can other players conduct essential tasks like calling for smoke ganks and running between lanes.

Diversity integration

If you want to play Dota 2 but don’t have a team, the game pairs you with random people worldwide. The people have different cultures, values, mindsets, literacy levels, attitudes and skills. Thus, you may experience the best of many worlds through interaction with your fellow players. 

Decision making

Dota 2 is primarily centred around making critical decisions that determine the game’s outcome. As a player, you must evaluate the possibilities of each product and rule out the unfavourable ones.

With the soft position bearing most of the responsibilities during the early and mid-game, it is arguably the most challenging position to hold. 

For instance, they are made to select a limited number of heroes among the 180 existing ones in the hero-picking phase.

In addition to predicting movements, the players must react appropriately to prevent elimination. Such is when cutting and double stacking enemies and creepers to enable their offlaner farm.


Dota 2 is a complex game with numerous attractive features to the gaming community, making it stand out.

While playing the game, players are offered free access to the 180 heroes without parting with a coin. However, in other games like the League of Legends, you have to part with real money or the currency acquired in playing the game to get access to the heroes you want to choose.  

Moreover, creeps make the game more lively. They push and pull the map lanes, allowing players to attack structures safely. They also provide gold, the primary way of earning throughout the game.

These things make the Dota 2 community grow and remain fixated even after years of playing.

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