Important things to know when choosing a chaff cutter

A chaff cutter is one of the most vital machines a farmer can have. It cuts livestock feed like hay, long grass, and straw into small pieces for easy mixing before feeding it to the animals. The cutting helps make storage easy and the livestock to feed more comfortably.


A farmer will need to invest in a chaff cutter to get the most out of his livestock. A chaff cutter has a rotating blade that can efficiently cut various types of crops straws. Therefore, theyreduce the farm workforce.  In addition, chaff cutters reduce fodder wastage and are highly portable to ensure that you can carry your cutting chores anywhere on the farm.

There are various things a farmer should put in mind before purchasing a chaff cutter. They include;

Is it a manual or powered chaff cutter?

This decision will depend on the scale or size of your livestock herd. If you have few animals, a manual chaff cutter will be ideal for your farm. A powered chaff cutter will serve many animals in a short period but might not be mobile enough to carry it around your farm. In addition, it’s crucial to consider your ability to use the cutters daily to avoid overwhelming activities.

What is the price of the chaff cutter?

Prices of chaff cutters in Kenya may vary from one supplier to another. Therefore, it’s crucial to do enough market research to avoid buying an overpriced machine. The prices of chaff cutters in Kenya should match their durability and ability to perform various chopping activities on your farm.

The scale of work to be done

The power and size of the chaff cutter affect their output abilities. Some might be more powerful and larger than others. Larger ones can perform intense chores for an extended period, while a mini chaff cutter can cater to a farmer with less demanding use, a feed chopper is ideal for bigger farms.

Is your supplier trustworthy?

Buying a chaff cutter is a farming investment that will serve your farm for a long while. Therefore, you need a supplier you can trust to deliver the perfect machine for the job while guaranteeing you after-sale services like repair and chaff cutter replacement. A good supplier should provide you with warrant options and installation services to avoid the wrong placement of the machine.

Type of chaff cutter you purchase

Chaff cutters in the Kenyan market come in various types and models. Your farm needs affect the choice of chaff cutter you can purchase. A farmer who needs to mix their livestock feed will opt for a chaff cutter cum pulverizer. It cuts chaff and also grinds various sizes of grains. A farmer who needs packaging services will go for a chaff cutter with a blower that eases the packaging and mixing process.

In conclusion, an ideal chaff cutter will perform your fodder needs with ease while improving the overall health of your livestock. The machines are labor efficient and will help you generate more profits from your livestock-keeping activities over time. For more, check shaft cutter machine price in Kenya.

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