Importance of Solar Inverter and Battery to your Solar Panel System

Are you thinking of installing solar panels, but you don’t know many details about this green energy source? In this case, you have come to the right place, because here you will find details about one of the most popular ways to enter the world of renewable energy.

Do you intend to purchase a new inverter for your solar panel system or upgrade your current one? Whatever the case may be, it is critical to understand which inverter is best for your home. Your home’s electricity requirements may differ from those of your neighbours. As a result, do not install the same inverter (in terms of power) in your home on a whim. Do some research and learn the essentials before purchasing an inverter for your home.

Inverters are an integral part of any solar photovoltaic system and are responsible for converting the electricity generated by solar panels, in alternating current electricity that can be used in your home or leased to the mains. Despite the many differences in the different types of solar inverters, their main task remains the conversion of DC to AC. Any device that handles this task should be called a converter (inverter).

Hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverters perform a combined function of mains and stand-alone inverter. Not only can a hybrid inverter convert DC electricity into AC electricity that can be used in your home, but it can also charge your solar battery from both solar panels and the mains. Also, this type of inverters can give off excess energy to the grid in order to buy it.

The installation of such a source of electricity is a worthy alternative to the traditional one and allows significant savings in the acquisition of energy resources. Modern technical capabilities allow almost everyone to install photovoltaic panels or solar panels. First you need to understand how a solar home inverter battery works. Such equipment is quite expensive, but in the future you will be able to get free electricity, which pays for its costs. In addition, the cost of solar panels has decreased significantly in recent years. An indisputable advantage of the solar battery is that such an energy source is environmentally friendly.

Why installing a battery storage at your solar panel system is beneficial?

Their role is to store the electricity produced during periods when production is higher than consumption, energy that will be used during periods when the photovoltaic system does not produce energy: power outages during the night.

Solar batteries, also called slow discharge batteries, are specially designed to withstand a large number of discharge and charge cycles over a long period of time and have a high energy storage capacity. It is good to know that the life of a battery is inversely proportional to the degree of daily discharge.

You will find many types of solar batteries but with Loom Solar, you always receive the best solar product. According to the Loom Solar experts, the best type of solar battery is Lithium Ion Battery which have high depth of discharge and lasts longer than other types of AGM batteries.

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