Identification of fault and maintenance of check valve

Following the scientific concept that pressure and volume share an inverse relationship, one is well aware that pressure increases as volume decreases. This is the entire concept behind the working of the compressor. A compressor is a machine that reduces or compresses the volume of the gas and thus increases the pressure. An Air compressor is a device that catalyzes the conversion of power into potential energy, which is then stored in pressurized air. Air compressors supply high-pressure clean air, moderate pressure clean air for filling gas cylinders, pneumatic devices, etc. With a good air compressor, adequate power can be provided to the right number of pneumatic tools. Air compressor works by filling the air in the required container and pressurizing it within, and the air is used as energy. Air compressor is a very useful device with several parts, but generally, a problem is faced with the check valve.

Check valve and its use:-

The air generally moves through the pipe to the container, and there is a valve that prevents the backflow of the air. This is known as the check valve. The valve opens when the air flows in with pressure and closes if there is any reverse flow. The check valve is extremely necessary for the air compressor to operate properly, without which there will be air compressor troubleshooting check valve. The valve functions when the air moves in by opening, and when the speed reduces, the valve starts closing automatically. The check valve comes with body, seat, cover, springs, disc arm, hinge pin, etc., and is extremely necessary to maintain certain pressure on certain areas.

Identification of the faulty check valve:-

Sometimes, there is a suspicion because of some abnormal behavior shown by the device, and hence one must ensure if the air compressor is faulty. Steps to ensure:-

  1. Noise- Often, one comes across a strange noise made by the Ac or fridge and thinks of replacing them. But this sound might be due to the fault in the check valve.
  2. Leakage of air- Generally, there should be no air leakage when the compressor is not in use. But sometimes, the faulty check valve opens, and the air leaks without reaching the particular pressure level.
  3. Building up of slow pressure- Sometimes, when the air flows in the reverse direction due to a defect in the check valve, the compressor’s pressure is less.

To ensure the check valve is right and for the air compressor troubleshooting check valveone needs to conduct a test. The compressor has an intake port to take in air and an exhaust port to release the air. Bypassing air in the intake tube, the check valve is defective if the air releases from the exhaust port.

Fixing a faulty check valve:-

After being aware of the steps to evaluate the functioning of the check valve, one needs to have an idea about fixing the problem that has occurred. There are two solutions in case of the anomalous behavior of the check valve:-

  1. The first method is to clean the check valve using a piece of cloth and soapy water to remove the grime or dust.
  2. If it does not function, the broken parts of the check valve need to be replaced, or a new check valve is needed.


The check valve is an essential part of the air compressor as it controls the air movement and pressure. Sometimes, due to grime or prolonged use, it can show anomalous behavior, and there is a need for air compressor troubleshooting check valve. The error needs to be treated immediately.

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