Huawei Y9: 5 High-end Features at an Affordable Price

The Huawei Y9 was first introduced in March 2018 and was aimed at the Low Mid-Range ($150-$250) market. The Huawei Y9 succeeds the Huawei Y7 Prime, which was released in June 2017. Despite a reduced design footprint (5%), the new model features an 8% larger screen diagonal. In addition, the Huawei Y9’s CPU performance is about 30% better, and it’s a significant increase for 2018.

1. Industrial Design

The Huawei Y9 sports a classic monolithic design with a closed metal chassis and only tempered glass on the screen. It’s a well-known, extremely durable design that’s ideal for mass production. Although the design is business-like and does not appear to be intended to be “fun” or draw a lot of attention, there is undoubtedly a market for it.

A front+back glass design is unlikely to be found in this category because it is significantly more challenging to construct, requiring many more steps (and money) during the assembly phase. Because glass designs require multiple layers, the material itself is more expensive.

2. Durability

When the device crashes on a hard surface, metal is just a more durable material (than glass). Metal is a little pliable, but it won’t break. It is more susceptible to scratches than tempered glass, yet it does not crack or split. Metal can also appeal to some people since it gives the impression of being more substantial and robust. However, even if the chassis is unbroken, internal components can still break or come away after a significant impact.

We estimate that the chance of cracking during a drop on a hard surface is low based on how the smartphone was designed.

The Y9 does not have a MIL-STD 810G rating from the US military. MIL-STD 810G is a set of tests designed to determine if military equipment can withstand a certain level of rough treatments.

It’s difficult to say how durable this smartphone design is without an IP rating or a Mil-Spec certification. To be safe, anticipate that the Huawei Y9 will not withstand the same level of water/dust exposure or shocks/vibrations as those who have acquired certifications. Some devices may resist more or less without an official rating, but there is no way to rate them objectively.

3. Display

A TFT LCD panel is used on the Y9 5.93′′ display. TFT LCD technology is widely used because it is inexpensive and readily available in large quantities. Those LCD screens are usually “good enough.”

The display brightness is 376 NITs, which is decent. A brighter display is ideal for reading the screen content (or bright environment) on a sunny day. In general, higher brightness is associated with better image quality.

In its market segment, the Huawei Y9 offers a % sRGB colour gamut, which is acceptable. The colours are vibrant, but the black levels are average, especially when compared to flagship phones. When using the phone in a dimly lit area, blacks appear to be “dark grey.” It is reasonable for this product category, and expecting any more from it would be unrealistic.

The screen’s sharpness has improved dramatically from last year’s Y7 Prime, as evidenced by the fact that the Y9 boasts a 52% greater pixel density, despite the screen’s surface is 9% larger.

4. Battery

The Huawei Y9’s battery capacity is 4000 mAh, which is rather good. When compared to its immediate competitors, the Huawei Y9 offers a class-leading battery capacity.

One of the most desired aspects of a phone is its battery life. So the battery capacity is an important aspect — especially within the same ecosystem (Android, iOS or other).

Many elements influence battery life, but the key ones are the central processor (SoC), display, and wireless radios (LTE broadband, WiFi, the cell towers location and more). Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how much energy waste YOUR specific usage behaviour will produce using benchmarks.

However, two things are always good:

  • Larger battery capacity
  • Faster charging

While the Huawei Y9’s battery capacity is superb, its charging speed is not. With a charging rate of 36 mAh per minute (with the provided charger), it falls well short of the typical Premium phone’s 50 mAh/mn and even further short of high-end Huawei phones’ 66+ mAh/mn.

Running synthetic benchmarks is often not a good way to predict real-world battery life. Display brightness, (LTE/WiFi) radio consumption, and distance to access points will all vary significantly. Furthermore, it is impossible to predict how many apps will be installed and how they will be used.

This model does not have a removable battery, which is common in today’s smartphones. Closed batteries can’t be removed or fixed quickly, but they allow for thinner designs and a larger battery size within the same product.

Because this phone has a large screen, keep in mind that larger displays take more energy to illuminate because there is a larger surface area to illuminate. It depends on the brightness levels at which screens are used, but a larger battery capacity is preferred because there is the possibility for more energy.

This phone’s battery life is exceptional, and it is money well spent.

5. Performance

The HiSilicon KIRIN 659 (8 Cores, 2.36 GHz) CPU in this handset has access to 3 GB of memory (RAM) is speedier than current Snapdragon 4xx processors in competitive devices.

For heavy users or those who have a lot of apps/services on their phones, a lot of RAM is required. When memory is limited, the phone’s responsiveness may suffer if the OS is forced to read/write from the slower Flash storage. This was formerly one of the significant distinctions between low and high-end phones, but the border has blurred.

Gaming performance (GFXBench) figures only apply to 3D games with complex graphics. Casual apps, such as puzzles and 2D games do not require this level of performance and can operate on almost any modern device.

The Huawei Y9 should not be expected to compete with high-end handsets in terms of performance.

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