How to Solve The Puzzle of Home Page Design

Home page design isn’t just about the header, footer, and content. Try to give your visitors a clear path. Think about what home page design attracts more visitors, what your audience needs and wants, and what you want to show them. The best home page is for those who think about their target audience.

A simple and easy to understand home page welcomes visitors to your website. Tell them what they want next, they go to the exact place they want to go on the site, and it also allows them to explore the site in more depth.

Just ask yourself:

What do I need on the home page?

What will my audience expect?

Which elements take priority?

Once you answer questions, you have the information for a better homepage design.

Helping the Visitors Get Familiar with Your Business

Most of the time the first thing that visitors find and see is the homepage. So all you need is to make a solid first impression. Your home page better provides a sense of your company’s values, unique selling offer, and goal. If you can successfully explain this information, you will be more likely to attract new clients.

Don’t Make Users Think

Give users a clear path to their aim by a clear structure, easily recognizable links, and moderate visual clues. Use the navigation and search box. Make the navigation and site architecture intuitive. A simple and intuitive design can help understand what the page is about to get visitors’ answers.

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Focus on Users’ Attention

Images or bold sentences are more eye-catching than the usual text. For example, if you want to show you free products, all you need to do is bold the “free” word. Web users can immediately detect edges, patterns, and movements since the human eye is a highly non-linear instrument. This is why video commercials are incredibly unpleasant and intrusive, yet from a marketing standpoint, they perform an excellent job of catching people’s attention. The fewer questions users have, the better is for the user experience of the site.

Keep It Simple

When people are on a site they are looking for information rather than enjoying the design. From the perspective of visitors, the optimal site design is pure text, with no advertising or other content blocks that fit exactly the query visitors used or the material they were searching for. This is the reason why user-friendly has a good effect on user experience.

Improve the User Experience

Two things that affect design are UI/UX design essentials. The difference between User Interface and User Experience is that UX refers to the experience a user has with a service or product, but UI shows the aesthetic elements that people interact with a service or product.

UX should be about having a deep understanding of users, what they want. Users visit your site with aim. They come to visit, check out product lines, read blog posts, or discover a particular type of service is sold, for example.

In any case, you’ll want to guide the customer to the right page. Your homepage design should be easier for this move; for instance, have easy navigation and a sense of how your website operates.

Increase Conversions

There are some ways to boost conversions. For example, a strong first impression can be a good idea. If users enjoy your sites and their experience, they may remember it in the future. They come back to observe your services or buy your products.

Another way is to build an email list. If users can’t find a sign-up form, your database will remain empty. So you better know that this information should be available on your homepage, to make visitors see it.

Last Words

Most of the time home page is the first page that visitors see. Therefore it is more than about content, header, or footer. First, think about your goals, then think of users; what they want to do, or what they need, finally is time to have a better home page design.

Author Bio:

Ayla Anderson is an avid reader and an enthusiastic blogger who writes articles on home improvement, business, Family and beauty. She is also an MBA student who spends much of her time giving advice to newly small businesses on how to grow their businesses. You can follow me on Twitter.

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