How to Send Ctrl+Alt+Del Using Remote Desktop?

The remote desktop function on the PC has been a life-changing innovation. It allows you to control another computer while navigating on your own computer. Isn’t that amazing? The functions that you perform on your keyboard will take place on the remote desktop. This enables a user to have complete access to a different computer without having to leave their seat.

However, you cannot send ctrl+alt+del rdp with this feature. If you simultaneously press the keys ctrl, alt, and del on your keyboard, the function will be performed on the computer you have been operating on. So, how does one run ctrl alt del on RDP if they ever need to?

Well, don’t worry as we have got your back. We welcome you to a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to send ctrl alt del rdp within rdp through a step-by-step guide. Read this article till the end to find out the answer to all your questions!

Step By Step Guide

In order to send the command Ctrl-Alt-Delete in Remote Desktop, you have to follow different steps on Windows and Mac. So let’s start with learning to perform this feature on a Windows PC.

Send ctrl alt del rdp windows 10

Follow the steps mentioned below to send ctrl alt rdp in windows 10:

STEP 1: Click the ‘start’ option on the remote desktop.

STEP 2: Use the keyboard to type in ‘osk’ in the search bar.

STEP 3: From the options that have popped up, select the one that says ‘on-screen keyboard’.

STEP 4: This will open a keyboard. Now all you have to do to perform the ctrl alt del function on rdp is to press ctrl and alt on the physical keyboard and click del on the keyboard displayed on the screen.

Following these 4 simple steps will enable you to send ctrl alt del remote desktop connection if you own a Windows 10 PC. However, if you are a mac owner, this one was not for you. The steps mentioned next define the process that mac users are supposed to follow in order to send ctrl alt del mac.

Let’s check it out:

Send Ctrl Alt Del Mac

The steps to perform this function on Mac are quite similar to the process of sending ctrl alt del to windows 10. However, there is only one exception. Let’s discover what it is:

Step 1: Connect with the remote desktop on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Once connected, all you have to do is press the keys control, option, and del on your mac keyboard and this will carry out the function on the remote desktop.

See? That’s how simple it was. The fact that mac keyboards do not have an alt option ends up confusing many users when in reality, sending ctrl alt del to a remote desktop is easier on a mac than on windows 10.

As now we have learned how to send ctrl alt del rdp, let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section answers some commonly asked questions related to remote desktops and ctrl, alt, and del keys. Scroll through it, maybe you will find an answer to one of your queries!

How to send ctrl alt del using chrome remote desktop?

If you are not able to use the RDP feature, you can access another computer using the Google Chrome desktop feature. For this, you must have Google Chrome installed and running on your computer. The advantage of using Chrome for accessing another computer is that you can send ctrl alt del from anywhere in the world.

If you don’t know how to access another computer remotely via Google Chrome, the following paragraphs have summarized it for you:

First of all, make sure that Google Chrome has been installed and running on both, the target computer and the computer being controlled by you. Next, download CRD i.e. Chrome Remote Desktop on the PC you are operating on. Grant the permissions by clicking continue on the pop-ups that appear after CRD has been installed.

Now, go to my computers and enable remote connections by clicking under the get started option. Now the computer will ask you to set up a pin for the target PC. Once that’s done, download Chrome Remote Host Service. After it has been downloaded, go to chrome, open and select CRD, and enter the pin you had previously selected. This will give you access to the target desktop and you can now control it remotely!

CRD works equally well on Android phones as well. The process of installing it is almost the same as this. CRD is a lifesaving feature as it enables you to control your PC from anywhere by simply using your cellphone.

How to gain access to task manager in remote desktop?

If you don’t wish to use RDP or CDP to access another computer, you can do so without having to use either of these. A quite easy alternate method of doing so is by pressing the keys Ctrl, shift, and ESC on your keyboard simultaneously. Pressing these keys will open the task manager without going through the process of sending ctrl alt del on the remote desktop.

Another way of accessing the task manager is by pressing the Windows key along with the R key. This will open a menu where you have to type in taskmgr to open the task manager.


While it may be tough to get hold of this process at first, you will realize it is no rocket science once you learn the function of the keys. As now you have been made familiar with various ways of sending ctrl alt del to remote desktop, you can opt for the one you find the easiest.

With this function, you can now change your passwords or gain access to the task manager to another PC by the computer you are currently using or even by your cellphone. Hasn’t this just opened up a new world of possibilities? Let us know what you think!

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