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How to remove stains from carpet flooring?

A carpet installation makes your carpet prone to several stains. However, keeping the stains stockpiled may cause severe damage to your carpets. Even a home without kids and pets can experience spills and smudge. Regardless of the spill, the procedure to remove stains from carpet flooring remains the same. Here are some easy steps to remove stains from your carpets.

Process to remove stains from carpets:

You keep reminding people to remove their shoes and not bring food in the carpeted area. But still food spills, beverage spills are bound to happen. Once you have noticed the stain, the process for stain removal begins.

Before picking the cleaning solution, pick water. Blot and don’t rub the stain with a dry towel. But, if water doesn’t work, start using a carpet stain remover. Different stains need unique customized solutions.

Step 1: Get rid of excess liquid immediately

Pick any extra solid with a spoon as soon as possible before it turns into a permanent stain. Just blot away additional liquid with an absorbent cloth bring it from the outside of the stain to the center. Do not rub, just blot.

Repeat the procedure till the cloth stops picking up anything.

Step 2: Use a carpet stain remover

Use a carpet stain remover on the remaining stain. For DIY, you can use a vinegar solution. Mix 1tsp. White vinegar with 1tsp. Dishwashing solution into lukewarm water and apply it on the stain. Do not over-wet the carpet just cover the full stain. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Blot stain completely

Using a white cloth, blot from the outside to the center. Do it till nothing comes on the cloth. Blot with water and then blot dry.

Lastly, if the spot doesn’t go, then you should hire professional carpet cleaning for this task and seek instant help, before it damages your carpet.

Different carpet stains have different offenders. They require different solutions. Take a look at some:

  1. Wine or juice: Be it red wine, grape juice or fruit beer, use club soda to clean. Blot with a clean cloth and repeat till the stain goes away.
  2. Tea or coffee: Mix 2tsp. of hydrogen peroxide with 1tsp. of dishwashing solution. Blot the spill and then use the solution. Let it stand on the stain for some time and then use your fingers to rub the solution. Rinse with water, blot and follow the steps again till the stain is gone.
  3. Candle wax: Rub an ice pack on it till it is hard. Now break the wax and vacuum the leftovers. Use a dry-solvent carpet cleaner to clean the carpet.
  4. Blood: Use cold water or club soda to blot with a microfiber cloth. Do it, till the stain goes away.
  5. Urine: The pet urine can be cleaned by using an enzymatic cleaner.

So, use any of the methods for carpet cleaning as per your need and keep your carpets fresh, new-like and odor-free for long.

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