How to Overcome the Fear of Exams?

Many of us suffer from the feeling of fear and anxiety before the examination. It stops you from performing well during the test. It would be best if you overcome these feelings during the examination. The fear of covering a large amount of syllabus might make you feel nervous. However, the little nervousness is not bad. The problem arises when the level becomes extreme. It will affect the status of your mind and the performance of the examination.

Here we are providing you a list that can help you to overcome the feeling of fear & anxiety of exams:

Plan & Prepare for Examination in Advance

To create a positive mindset, we suggest you plan & prepare your goals in advance for examination. It will have a relaxing effect on balancing the feelings in the examination hall. Start preparing before and keep your targets short & straightforward to avoid stress.

Find Ways that Work Fine for You

Every student is different in their mindset and productivity. It would be best if you studied according to your own pace. Following other’s schedules might not be helpful for you. So you can try and test what suits you best. Work on it and achieve your target.

Make Short Notes of Important Points

While reading any chapter, it is advisable to make short notes. It saves your time during the revision of essential points. Write the points in a precise and easy manner. If you forget anything while actively recalling the concepts specific chapter, it will become a handy solution. You can use a highlighter, diagrams, flow charts to make it easier to understand.

Practice Online Mock Tests

To overcome fear before the examination, one can practice mock tests to analyze their preparation. Many teacher apps provide with free mock test facility. You can choose whatever suits you and submit the test paper in the given time frame. It will help you to manage your time in the examination hall. At first, go for the question that you know well. It will boost your confidence. Mock tests help you know the pattern of examination follows by the board of examination.

Seek Help from Friends, Family & Educators

You might have face doubt in a few concepts while going through it. It is an inevitable part of learning. It would help if you cleared doubts before exams in scoring well. You can seek help from anyone you want, be it friends, family members, or teachers. You can learn the concept from different online platforms for free. Clearing your doubts in time keeps you stress-free while facing the question paper.

Take Short Break

It is essential to take a break in between your study schedule. It will increase your concentration and keep you engaged throughout the lesson. It will become hectic & monotonous if you study in regular hours without any break. It also deteriorates your mind’s state. You can go for activities like outdoor games or simply have a walk-in garden that will help to relax your mind.

Adopt Healthy Sleep Habits

Parents need to ensure that students must have a proper sleep before the examination. It is essential to refresh your mind. It helps you to retain the concept in mind. In contrast, an improper sleeping schedule may increase anxiety and fear and ultimately poor grades. It is a must to have a sleep of at least 7-8 hrs before the examination.


Using online classes app that use various audio-video tools will help you learn the concept in no time. It will take less time to learn as compare to textbook studies.

Visual learning helps in building a solid foundation of different concepts. It gives you a better understanding of theory and ultimately helps you to get good grades in examinations. It will increase your participation in a separate discussion and enable you to clear your friend’s doubts.

The online teacher gives their best and comes up with an innovative way to teach you. You must not overthink about the future and demotivate yourself before the examination. So we advise you to follow these tips and score well in your exams.

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