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How To Make Insta Reels

Many people today aspire to become a social media influencer. Using Instagram you can easily become a social media Influencer on Instagram and other platforms. Start with Instagram reels. Instagram is a platform housing millions of users. Getting such a huge audience for you is a hard task otherwise. Instagram has many features which can help you become an influencer. Not only influencers but reels are a fun segment for everyone to enjoy. Since the onset of reels, they have been a great way for everyone to flex their creativity and talent. Reels have helped businesses attract more users than ever before. Want to learn the correct way to make reels in easy steps. Here we go:

  1. Story line of your Instagram reel: Reels are short videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute. You cannot just do anything in these reels. It has to display a story or follow a trend. If you want to make a makeup tutorial for reels, plan the steps for it and then combine for your video to go smoothly narrating all the steps in correct order. You can manipulate the ongoing trend on reels per your product. You need to plan a script for your reel to communicate your message to your users. Decide on the topic first and then decide what content that you would add to convey the content. A thoughtful and properly designed reel would mask more likes and views on Instagram.
  2. Shooting Instagram reel: In order to shoot a reel, click on the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner of your home screen. This reveals the reels camera, now you can use a pre-recorded video for reels or shoot one in real time. In order to shoot reels in real time, long press the record button to capture reels. If you want to fetch a pre-recorded video click on ‘+’ sign on the lower left corner of the screen. This reveals the videos in your gallery, choose the video of your choice and you are done. Add music and speed to your video using the buttons provided on the recording screen. You can even go hands-free using the feature.
  3. Preview and add effects: Once you have recorded the reel, click on ‘preview’ to view your reel. Here you can edit your video with Insta Zoom.This editor has amazing effects that help your reel look more appealing.Use the filter option to set the light and view of your reel. You can even add AR effects to enhance the reel.You can even add text and stickers to your reel.
  4. Share Instagram reel: Now is the time to share your reel with others. Tap ‘next’ to finally share your reel. Before sharing the reel choose a cover photo for your reel. Add a cool caption for your reel and add in high search volume hashtags to reach out better using Instagram search. Allow your reel to be shared on profile to get maximum response by pushing the toggle button on. Tag people and add a location to your reel. And click the ‘share’ button. Voila, your reel is shared and would not get likes and responses.

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