How to Make a Video Collage in 5 Simple Steps?

Slideshows are a thing of the past today. Earlier, it was as easy as clicking on the slideshow option, selecting all the pictures from your gallery; and then all the images would be displayed automatically like a flowing video. Another concept which has gained immense popularity off-late is creating video collages. It has been used in films and has also found its place in the commercial world and among individuals.

Companies are using the concept of video collages as part of their video marketing strategy whereby they are lining up the pictures of the various services and products and thus creating a photo collage first. Then, using a video editor or a video collage maker, animations and transitions are applied to that photo collage, which gives shape to a video collage. 

Alongside pictures, video clips also can be stitched together to create a video collage.This is one of those modern yet efficient ways to display or portray content. Social media has found an excellent way to use video collages, whereby small video clips are stitched together to create a more significant yet short-timed film to convey a message or story. Today, it is easy to make such video collages as many video editing programs come with built-in best video templates to make video collages. 

In this article, we have listed five easy steps to create a video collage through InVideo, a free online video editor. 

Step 1: Create a Professional Account

Whatever application you use, you must first have a registered user account. This helps to save your progress and gives you access to many tools and options to create the most stunning video collages. 

As soon as you download and open the application, the landing page will give you options to sign in or create a new account. Since you are a new user, click on the ‘create a new account’ option; this opens a page where you can link your Google account or create an account with a designated username and password. This way, once you are logged into your account, you have access to a world full of valuable tools for video editing and making video collages. 

Step 2: Starting a New Project

Video editing websites contain an option to start a new project right in the middle of the screen. Clicking on this leads to two other sub-options; one where you design your template and start from scratch to create a video collage, and the other enables you to select a predefined template available in the website. A great thing about the video editing tool is it contains some of the best video templates to choose from. Not only are these attractive, but also they are designed intelligently, catering to every type of content need.

It has templates for various categories and themes, be it for entertainment or informative purposes. Select the template of your choice, drag-and-drop the pictures, and start editing to create a beautiful video collage.

Step 3: Select a Layout

Say you select a particular template to create a video collage instead of designing your template and content from scratch. When you choose a specific and suitable layout, a blank format gets added to the project. There are several blank layout options to select from. You can add pictures from your gallery to this blank layout in the next step.

After this, you can add various pictures, animations, and transitions to the template to complete the collage layout. Some video editing websites also allow you to change the style of the video collage to ensure that it fits what you have in mind. The best part is that you can change this style at any point in the editing process, even when you are in the middle of editing, without losing any of the progress.

Step 4: Add the Required Pictures or Videos

Next, select the images and video clips from your gallery that you want to add to the video collage. The process is very simple; all you have to do is drag and drop the required picture or video clip into the template. The system automatically arranges all the images or video clips in the correct position and makes them ready for further editing.

You can select them individually or drag-and-drop the images by downloading them from the internet or from the gallery on your device.

Step 5: Move into Final Editing

Collage maker websites also give you the option to enlarge the particular images selected within the template without hampering the other pictures. You can also choose the part of the image you would want to see in the collage by just dragging the necessary image section into the designated template area. You can even crop, zoom in, and zoom out of the individual clips to have the desired effects.

Remember, if you’re not happy with the layout at any point while editing, you can change the layout style at any time while all the images are selected without affecting any of the photos or video clips. You can crop, trim or rotate every individual photo or video in the template. In addition, you can add titles and text, change the duration of individual clips, add special effects into particular components, add transitions between clips, and even add music to enhance the video collage.

Quick Tips for a Better Video Collage

Creating a video collage is not very difficult. With the help of a proper video collage maker tools available in it, making a video collage becomes even easier. Not only is the process made more accessible, the result looks stunning and professional as well. 

Here are some tips to up your video collage making game:

  • Choose content that is related and relevant to each other. It does not matter if the range includes images or video clips or both. If the supporting components do not link to each other, the video can be distracting and not something that everybody would want to watch.
  • Use blank spaces in the video collage so that every component gets some room to stand out from the others.
  • Style your collage with texts and effects to make it look even more attractive than an old-school video collage.

Whatever tool you use and however you choose to make your video collage, make sure you put your heart into it so that every bit of your hard work is shown. Watch other popular video collages and learn from other experts to fine-tune your own techniques. And most importantly, opt for a professional video editing tool for best results.

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