How to Make a 3D Light Box with Paper Cuts

It is a lovely addition to any home or office, and it also makes a thoughtful birthday or wedding present. You may either hang it on the wall or set it down on a desk to admire its lovely design. To put it another way, this light box is made up of paper cutouts stacked on top of each other in a glass box. LED lights are put below each layer, creating a three-dimensional effect. In this video, I’ll walk you through the steps I took to construct this light box and provide some pointers on how to accomplish the same effect on your own. If you are looking for Paper Cut 3D Layered files, please visit our website.

Make Your Own or Download a Template

As a result, the first step is to download and print the template. However, it may be scaled up or down to fit any light box that is 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25 centimetres). You may also come up with something really original.

It is recommended to use 170 grammes white card material, which is both sturdy and thin enough to let light to travel through.

Draw the initial layer of your design on the card stock and then add a 1 cm border around each layer. This will make it much easy to attach the layers. Nothing will ever happen here.

Trim the Excess Layers

Cut off the first layer using an X-Acto knife when you’ve finished the first layer. In order to get the most precise and sharpest cut possible on your projects, the X-acto knife is an innovative cutting instrument.

Afterwards, transfer the first layer onto another piece of card stock, and then design the next layer. Finish the second layer after removing the first. Once all the layers have been cut, repeat the procedure for each one.

The Moon and the Stars

A gigantic moon and stars were formed on the last layer, which I then painted. I used a utility knife to cut out a circle for the moon, and a pin to poke holes in a foam board for the stars.

Apply a glue to them.

Foam spacers are inserted between each of the layers to aid in the reassembling process. As a result, the picture seems three-dimensional and has a sense of depth to it.

The foam spacers may now be taken out. All of them are the same width. For the first time, I made spacers that were 25 cm long, and 12 spacers that were 18 cm long. Each layer should include four spacers.

After that, adhere all of the pieces together using a strong adhesive. After glueing the first layer in place, add the second layer on top of it. Get the layers aligned appropriately. Continue until all of the layers are joined.

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