How to Improve CX with an Intelligent Automation Platform?

Outstanding customer experience is the cornerstone of every successful business. In fact, an increasing number of buyers state they’re willing to pay more for products or services, provided they receive a good experience. Organizations looking for effective methods to improve CX should consider investing in an intelligent automation platform. What is it and how can it boost customer satisfaction?

What is an intelligent automation platform?

An intelligent automation platform is an advanced tool for integrating data, applications and systems, automating workflows and processes, and obtaining cross-platform insights for better executive decision-making.

The IA platform  is a combination of data integration, process orchestration, advanced analytics coupled with predictive analysis. Apart from increasing operational efficiency within the organization, it’s a great solution to better understand the customer behavior patterns, intent to purchase and analyze the best engagement models.

What is customer experience and why is it important?

In a nutshell, customer experience describes how customers perceive interactions with an organization, website, products, assets, etc. This is a sum of all interactions, including every step of the customer journey, from contact with a brand to a purchase.

Why is customer experience so important? According to the study conducted by PWC, even 59% of customers decide to walk away from a brand if they have a bad experience.

This is why it’s worth using technologies such as an intelligent automation platform that can support human interaction, and boost CX.

Intelligent automation platform – a simple tool to provide great CX

Organizations that interact with hundreds of customers every day have to process high volumes of data – they need a solution that will help them filter through all the information, and provide customers with a positive experience.

This is when an intelligent automation platform comes into play. How can IA improve CX?

  • Complex data analysis – an intelligent automation platform provides transparent access to customer data with a 360 view.

It helps to analyze the data faster and receive cross-platform insights to better understand customers’ demand and behavior.. Thanks to it, organizations can determine the contacts’ interests, their behavior patterns, future business outcomes, and factors that play a decisive role among a specific group of buyers.

  • Prediction scenarios – the Put It Forward’s intelligent automation platform is coupled with a predictive analysis component and helps business leaders and professionals operate the prediction results before making important decisions. This allows organizations to refine their engagement and sales strategies, talk with the right message to the right audience and increase revenue.
  • Process and workflow automation – thanks to automating non-routine tasks, and workflows, employees and departments that interact with customers gain extra time to enhance relationships with buyers, handle questions, comments, or complaints, and shorten the response time. Moreover, they can dedicate time to building new sales strategies, and applying changes to the current processes according to customer feedback.

The takeaway

Innovative solutions such as an intelligent automation platform are a must-have for every organization that strives to stay competitive, make more accurate executive decisions, and provide seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Since customer experience is becoming an increasingly important factor having an impact on organizations’ revenues, investing in advanced technology is an effective way to stay competitive in the dynamic marketplace, engage and retain the audience, and react faster to the customer demand.

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