How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The first step to obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is to purchase a property worth at least $250,000 in Turkey. The purchase must be made through a bank transfer. The seller must be a Turkish national, and the buyer must be a Turkish citizen. To acquire citizenship by investment, you must buy a property that includes the following features: a land plot, a building, or an apartment.

The purchase must be in Turkey. The purchase must be over two50,000 USD, or the first payment must be less than that amount. The real prices for real estates in Istanbul must be over two million USD, or the investment cannot be greater than this amount. Once the first payment is made, the next step in obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is to complete the necessary paperwork. You must make a bank transfer from your home country to Turkey to qualify. You must retain your payment receipts, which are official proof of purchase.

Investment process to get Turkish citizenship:

The investment process begins with an initial application at the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey’s Investment Office. There are three different routes to acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment. One of the best options for foreigners is to invest in real estate in Turkey. There are plenty of properties to choose from in the country. The minimum investment required is $250,000 in real estate in Turkey. You can buy cheap properties for sale in Istanbul, including a house in the countryside. You don’t need to get pre-approved for any property.

Once the buyer and seller have agreed on the property’s price, the TAPU (title deed) transfer process can begin. The buyer may choose to sign it themselves or appoint a lawyer to handle the paperwork for them. Upon signing the TAPU, the lawyer must submit the documents to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for approval. This process takes a couple of years, and the investor must wait for a certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization before applying for Turkish citizenship.

Requirement for Turkish citizenship:

Turkish citizenship by investment requires an investment in a property worth at least $250,000. It is possible to purchase a single property suitable for Turkish citizenship or an extensive portfolio. You must hold the property for three or five years to avoid capital gains tax. The investment is tax-free, and annual yields can reach 8% or more. If you’re interested in acquiring Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate, you’ve come to the right place.

Once the residence permit and the bank account have been established, the principal applicant can apply for Turkish citizenship by investment. Once the residence permit is approved, the principal applicant must create a bank account in Turkey. The government will then screen the application, and the documents are usually issued within six to nine months. In the meantime, the principal investor should create a Turkish bank account in Turkey. Once the bank account and other paperwork are in place, the investment can be finalized. After the application is accepted, the family will receive their visas, and the investor will become a citizen of Turkey.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

How to get Turkish citizenship by investment is easy, but the rules are complicated. While it is possible to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey without a visa, it is not necessary to travel to Turkey to complete the process. By investing in real estate in Turkey, you can open a bank account in the country, which will give you a free Turkish passport and access to many other countries laws and regulations. Once you have a bank account in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by investment and gain Turkish nationality.

To qualify for Turkish citizenship by investment, you need to own a property in Turkey for at least three months. If you buy a property in Turkey, you need to hold it for at least three months. During this time, you should have no debts or other obligations. Then, the citizenship process will take about three months. In addition, you will have to own two or three properties in Turkey to obtain the necessary papers. The investment must be at least 250 thousand dollars.

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