How to Get Lean and Build Muscle

When you have a positive energy balance, you can build muscle. So, you need to take in more calories than you burn. Hence, you need roughly 2,800 calories to make a pound of lean muscle to support your protein turnover and done through training. Here are eight tips to help you get lean and build muscle. On the other hand, you can hire a personal trainer in Orange County to help.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Eating breakfast gives you the burst of energy needed to remain full until your next snack or meal. By setting this trend, you learn to eat healthier, starting your day with a healthy breakfast. It helps to eat cottage cheese, omelets, and smoothies for building muscle.

Enjoy Snacking Every Three Hours

To boost your muscles mass, it helps to eat the right things at the right time. Of course, you can still enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, intersperse your post-workout and pre-bed with at least two healthy snacks. Keeping your food intake up leaves you, less hungry as you eat smaller meals often instead of big meals. Eating this way helps decrease the stomach size. You will feel fuller faster while the waist trims, and you end up with fewer cravings.

With Each Meal Eat Protein

To build and maintain your muscles, it helps to eat protein. The best way to achieve this is to eat whole protein foods with every meal. These include red meat, lamb, chicken, tuna, egg yolk, cottage cheese, yogurt, lentils, etc. Also, remember your fruit and veg as you can fill your stomach without gaining weight.

Only Eat CARBS after a Workout

Yes, CARBS gives you energy but limits your carbohydrate intake after your workout. You can enjoy veg and fruit with every meal as the CARBS is less than whole grains with some exceptions. For example, you can eat rice pasta for post-workout, but only eat whole grain and not white CARBS. Also, eat healthy fats as it helps improve fat loss digesting slowly. The important part is to balance your intake of fat and enjoy healthy fats with your meals.

Drink Water to Remain Healthy

For building lean muscles, drinking water is essential as you sweat with your workouts. In addition, the water helps prevent dehydration and helps with hunger. However, if you want results, 90% of your food intake needs to be made up of whole foods. Therefore, the foods need to be as close to their natural state as eggs, fish, poultry, fresh meat, etc.

Does all of the above seem a bit confusing? Then instead of trying to figure this out by yourself, consider hiring a health coach in Orange County today. With a personal trainer, they will help customize a healthy eating and workout plan to get your body lean and build muscles.

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