How To Easily Potty Train Your Boy

Potty training is a huge developmental step for any child – and it’s an exciting time for parents too!

It represents a unique stage where children learn to be more independent and develop body control and confidence.

Plus, that’s when parents finally breathe as they change a seemingly endless flurry of diapers.

However, the potty training process can also be fraught with stress… 

Some children are ready at 18 months of age, while others maybe three or four years old before they can use the toilet consistently.

Methods that work for some fail miserably for others, leaving parents and children frustrated.

While all children potty training at their speed, boys can be particularly challenging. 

If you’re working on training your little one, these tips and tricks can help you succeed faster – and with less stress!

Boys Potty Training Tips

Don’t Rush 

You are doomed to fail if you start any potty training strategy too soon. So rule number one is not to rush your child through this process.

Wait until your child shows signs of readiness, such as an ability to follow simple instructions, an interest in the potty, and ability to tell when he should go, or an interest in wearing underwear.

Any of these signs can indicate that it’s time to start potty training.

Time It With Stages

This strategy allows parents and children to participate in potty training in stages.

For the first two days, choose two in the morning and two in the evening that you take your child to the bathroom every 20 minutes to try to go. For the rest of the day, allow him to wear a diaper or pull him up.

On subsequent days, slowly increase the number of hours and decrease his time on a pull-up.

Most boys are ready to try a full-day potty training session with 20- or 30-minute intervals on the third or fourth day.

Try The Potty Watch

The potty watch is a device that lights up to remind your boy to sit on a potty.

It is similar to the interval method. 

However, it allows your child to feel more independent in remembering when to try the bathroom.

This is often helpful for busy kids who don’t like to stop playing and go to the bathroom.

Use Fun Games

If your little guy is motivated by fun, do potty training in a game.

There are plenty of seats and urinals with things like spins and stickers to help the boys aim, and you can always use the Cheerio method for an economic strategy.

Lots of little boys sit down to do their job.

However, if your child prefers to stand, toss a few Cheerios down the toilet and ask her to point.

Target practice always seems to spark a bit of interest!

Try The Incentives

Some children train better when incentives are involved.

You know your child better, and you also know what kinds of treats and toys can motivate him.

Whatever your incentives, try to keep them visible… 

In that way, they act as a constant reminder of what he can get for remembering to get to the bathroom on time.

Hide The Diapers

Knowing they have a crutch readily available for some children will ignore any motivation to use the potty.

That’s said, take all his regular diapers away and communicate with your kid that he doesn’t need the diapers anymore.

Many boys successfully potty train in a few days.

Role Model, Use Books, or Teaching Videos

For some kids, potty training doesn’t come into action until they watch someone use the toilet.

If your child is the type to watch and learn new skills before trying them out, role modeling may be just what he needs. 

Ask his dad to show him the right way to do it and help him gain confidence in his abilities.

Sometimes older brothers are the best at this job!

A rule of thumb: Always celebrate your boy’s Potty training victories!

Written By: Dema JS

Founder of and a mother of two little kids. Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management.

Contact: Please email [email protected] or go to

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